First time using this…

MRB=My Random Babble

I know, I know…what kind of title is that…

Guess what I did during the Christmas holidays? On Christmas Eve, I went to my best friend’s house with my family (our moms and dads are best friends, too) and we ate hot pot and played majong. Is that typical? Majong on Christmas Eve. We didn’t hang up stockings for Santa to fill in with presents. We don’t have a fireplace, anyways.

It’s been a weird week. As usual, time flies by and laughs ha-ha-ha behind your back, announcing its departure. It mocks you, or have you noticed? Six months until graduation. I am going to be graduating. Graduating! I’ve wanted that since high school started and now it’s imminent; I’m suddenly taken aback. I hope I don’t cry when I actually leave high school. Will I cry? Many of my friends cried when I graduated elementary school and middle school. We had this huge graduation ceremony for middle school. What was the point? Everyone, or everyone’s parents, spent hours dressing up, doing hair, putting on make-up, for a middle school graduation? Is that even necessary?

OK, I’ve gotten off topic. But then again, the topic is my random talk, so I’m supposedly on topic!?

Whatever. I’m tired right now. I slept at one last night and woke up around 11am today. I worked out and did absolutely nothing and now I’m tired. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me. OK, why am I typing this huge long meanlingless thing, anyways? I bet no one is going to read it, no one but me. And…the future me?

This will be a piece of my memory, then. Memories are the most precious thing in your life. Don’t you agree?


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