The Hardest Part About Writing

First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing on time on Thursday. I shamelessly forgot…and this will never happen again. I am deeply and truly sorry to all writers in this blog chain. I’ve let you down.

The Hardest Part About Writing:

1. Stick to the plan: the things I write NEVER turn out according to my plans. I can plot out a short story and write out something completely different. As a result, my stories lack organization and require a tremendous amount of editing. Also, I tend to lose focus on what I originally intend to convey, and the central idea completely changes. Often I have to take the story apart, redraft, and rearrange every single detail, which can be extremely troublesome and time-consuming.

2. Remember to go to the bathroom: I sit in front of the computer. Start writing. Need to pee. And forgot about it.

3. Finding the right metaphor: Since metaphors are usually my favourite writing device, so I use it frequently. But coming up with original and creative metaphors are kind of difficult, because they can’t be cliche that bore the readers to hell, or too insane that nobody knows what I’m talking about. And, I want my metaphors to invoke powerful and vivid images, so I can spend half an hour working on one particular metaphor, which is time-consuming and it makes me forget to go the the bathroom…

4. Laziness: I love writing. But sometimes, when you have a mountain load of homework from heartless teachers and little things that nag you at the back of your mind urging you to complete them, YOU GET LAZY. Well, I do, anyways. I really should be more motivated and organized, because most of the time I’m all over the place. I should learn to prioritize things better, and stick to my plan. Like I said, I never follow my plans. Even in real life. I shuold be more motivated……gosh, I’m such a lazy ass. I should be more like Lin, who is always writing and building up the word count. (SOB) I AM SO ASHAMED.

3 thoughts on “The Hardest Part About Writing

  1. Same here with number 3 ^^ Cliches are hard to avoid, since there are so many of them. And I get lazy too, so don’t feel bad.

    You’re blogging next wednesday… I will try and remember to remind you XD

  2. My variation on #3 is remembering to write metaphors at all. Or, for that matter, anything that evokes an image or an emotion. the result of this is that I focus on the plot and the characters for most of the novel, and then I’ll have a few sections where I’ll suddenly remember, “hey, I’m supposed to describe things, right?”

    *shrugs* I guess we all have different problems… =]

  3. Oh, laziness is a good one. Like right now, I could be writing, but I’m not. I could be doing the analysis for my Western Civ class, but I’m not. Instead, I’m freaking out about what I am doing this summer. BAH. I’m also being incredibly lazy about editing right now, what with finals and big essays coming up.

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