Where do I write?

This week’s question: where do I write?

Lin Wang made the first post, and I don’t know how to add a link…can someone please teach me?

And sorry about my previous posts. I forgot to link back to the people who started the questions.

Here is Lin’s post:


I write on other people’s computers. Sounds bizzare, I know. Right now, for instance, I’m using my parent’s computer. I don’t know why, but many of my best works were never done on my own computer.

When I have an idea or inspiration, I write by hand first, usually in my writing journal. I draft most of my stories and write most of my poems in my notebooks. And when I’m writing I’m always in front of my desk.

So yeah, I guess I’m pretty domestic. Sometimes I write in the school library, but there are distractions from time to time, since my friends will start talking to me, and I’ll start talking to them, and someone will ask me to help them with English, and blah blah blah…an hour passes and I only write down a sentence.

After various futile attempts, I permanently decided that library isn’t the ideal place to write. School library, to be specific.

When I travel, though, I write anywhere. On anything I can find. I wrote a poem on a piece of napkin once. I ended up wiping my mouth with it, because I forgot I wrote a poem on it at the end of the meal. It was really bad. I was fortunate that the ink didn’t smudge my face.

Anyways. For next week:

Monday: Me (I haven’t gone first before…so yeah)
Thursday: From Elysium

3 thoughts on “Where do I write?

  1. LOL about the napkin. I heard J.K.Rowling wrote on napkins too…

    Good luck with coming up a topic for next week^^

  2. Up until high school, I wrote out everything by hand. I’m glad I learned to type, because it’s that much faster. Although I know a lot of amazing authors who still draft it out and then type it up on the computer.

    I love writing while traveling. For whatever reason, as long as I’m away from home, I do better, lol.

    Go napkins!

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