Blog Chain: What kind of writer are you?

Hello, the blog chain of awesomeness!

Last week, Lin started us with the question: “Where do you write?” and apparently our creativity is unleashed upon napkins, in lectures, at home, at libraries…well, it doesn’t matter where you write! As long as you have your brain and a heart full of words, you can write anywhere!

This week, I will ask our blog chain members: what kind of writer are you?

Are you a sci-fi writer? Fantasy writer? Poet? What’s your style of writing? What do you like writing about? What CAN’T you write about?

My writing style and preference have shifted dramatically during the past two months. I used to be a fantasy lover, adn read nothing but fantasy. However, right now I seem to be attracted to realistic fiction more than ever.

I like to write about dark things. Vampires, werewolves, human corruptions, evil, heartbreaks, black magic. I also like abstract images and metaphors, and extended mataphors are my FAVOURITE. When I’m writing about characters, I tend to do more inner descriptions (thoughts, emotions, attitudes) then approaching a character from the outside (as in actions, behaviors…etc)

Even though right now I favour realism rather than magic, I still love to include fantastical elements in my stories. I love modern fantasies. Don’t you think it’s cool to have hidden magical powers behind every city wall?

Oh, and when I write a story, there will always be a moral behind it.  Many of my stories have multiple layers. And once again, I always put in an extended metaphor throughout the story.

OK. Now, let me talk about poetry. I LOVE POETRY. Unlike a short story or a prose, poetry can be more subtle, more secretive and mysterious. I like to write about human qualities or philosophical views in my poems. Again…(how many times have I said that!?) I love to put in extended metaphors.

Romance is something I absolutely CANNOT handle. I can’t stand to read it, let along writing it. I SIMPLY CANNOT DO IT. Believe me, I have tried. Only SOME romantic stories I can stand, and it can’t be romantic all the way, it has to have some depth or some other elements, such as fantasy, gothic, history backgrounds or whatever…if it’s just oh she’s so beautiful and I cannot live without her or those Romeo and Juliet things, I WILL DIE……………..

Oh, and I write in traditional Chinese. Most of my fan fictions were done in Chinese. I also wrote several original pieces as well. In fact, I started many novels in Chinese, but I never managed to finish them….something always got in the way. Most of the time it’s school….or laziness.

Anyways. Writing a novel is hard work and time consuming. Right now, I’m more concentrated on learning…I guess….

Sorry guys this post is so scattered and unorganized!

Haha. By the way, keep clean and healthy! Since there’s a swine flu going around…

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7 thoughts on “Blog Chain: What kind of writer are you?

  1. So how do you feel about Twilight? Or have you read it? I dislike romance in the sense of the genre romance. As in, novels with those laughable covers. Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts and the like. You won’t catch me dead in that aisle. Ever. But I like for my novels to have a romantic element to them.

    Good blog topic.

  2. Extended metaphors are my cup of tea too. But I am not good with writing poetry = = it is a bit too abstract for my style, although I love to read them.

    I still like a mix between historical novels, suspense, and different type of fantasy (both urban and alternate world).

  3. Twilight?? I read the first chapter of Twilight. Couldn’t stand it. (the writing is horrible…………………………………………………………..)

  4. I love extended metaphors, too… unfortunately, I can’t seem to remember to write them. I guess that means my style focuses more on the bare bones than the description, which isn’t something that I particularly like…
    re: twilight — breaking dawn is the single worst book you’ll ever be able to read. I think I’d even go so far as to recommend it if you want a laugh… except for the fact that it’s more than 800 pages long.

  5. I agree that Twilight is not a literary masterpiece. But you have to admit, the woman knows how to tell a story–otherwise it wouldn’t be so popular. It’s not literary fiction; it’s kind of a guilty pleasure kind of read, where you just want to indulge in something. Also, I have to admit, the covers were the only thing I liked about them when I first picked them up. I like the simplicity.

    On the other hand, after finishing the last Percy Jackson book, I can guarantee, Twilight and its sequels are not coming off the bookshelf for at least several years. Go away, Edward Cullen! You’re no longer welcome!

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