Blog Chain: Are your characters people?

Just like Lin, my stories are character-driven. Most of my characters are born from my daydreams. I generally imagine everyone with my face (is that weird?) and I imagine myself in different personalities. As I “self-develop”  I name the character, and severe them from myself completely. The character will then grow on his or her own, and depending on the plot, I make changes or just let he or she take over my pen/keyboard.

I like to use books such as Horoscopes, Personality Tests and all that jazz as reference to a character. For instance, I have a book that contain information about a person’s character according to their birthday. I, in turn, have 365 personalities to manipulate and employ from that book alone.

In my previous posts, I mentioned that my writing style is shifting from pure fantasy to more realistic-based plots. Right now, my characters spring from real peopel in my life. I change their names, alter them (sounds kind of creepy that way) and intergrate them into my story. Having said that, my stories are based on the events that happened in my life, too.

Sadly, I don’t think I have done as much writing as the rest of the blog chain of awesomeness. I can only say that I am still exploring my potential and my style. I have never completed a novel-length story, which I have always wanted to do. My weekends are occupied with writing classes, piano classes and school work. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel kind of lost, that I haven’t done as much writing as I wanted to.

Sorry, off topic here. I tend to go off-topic a lot. When I create a character, I fill in a profile for them. I figure out their birthdays, family members, backgroudns, attitudes and relationships to others…etc. I don’t talk to my characters, unlike most of you. Actually, I have never thought about talking to one of my characters. When I’m writing, I’m kind of in God’s chair, writing from “above”, so I don’t talk to them at all. Even when I’m using myself as one of the characters, I distance myself from myself. (does that even make sense?) and make myself into another person.

Also, many of my characters come from my dreams. Inspirations often come to me in dreams. Sometimes music can create someone in my head, too. For instance, “The Windmills of Time” brought me Zi Jing (she’s one of my characters in a story I plotted in Chinese.) She’s the reincarnation of the Dragon Zodiac, a melancholy and powerful princess.

Anyways, haha.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Chain: Are your characters people?

  1. Oooo, I like the personality test idea. I think I shall now force my characters to undergo a typical Big-Five Trait personality test and see where they fall. It’ll be fun.

    Ugh, I definitely feel you about the not-having time stuff. I have to crowbar it into my day, regardless of whether I actually want to be writing or not.

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