What are your biggest strengths as a writer?

I am sure each member of the Blog Chain of Awesomeness has a strongest genre. What is your biggest strenghth? Is it vocabulary? Your thinking? Your diligence? A writing technique?

1. Creating a dark atmosphere: this is probably what I do best. Whether it is a vampire’s night, a haunted house, a massacre, a war, a depressive moment, a heartbreaking event…all of them are easy to achieve for me. Having said that, I can’t create any romantic scene at all…

2. Extended metaphors/symbols: Most of my poems contain an extended metaphor. I love hiding the truth, concealing meanings and allowing the readers to guess and interpret what I truly mean. I love hiding things. I guess you can say I’m a mysterious writer. Haha.

3. Determination: I think most of you know that I take writing classes outside of school. My writing teacher is brutal. When she deemed that I was mature enough to accept her full critiques she spared nothing. I’m not afraid of failures, unpleasant( but constructive) feedbacks, put-downs or (in the future, if things go bad, but unlikely) financial problems. I want to become a writer, and nothing will stop me. Maybe it’s arrogance, I don’t know. But sometimes you need to arrogant to hold on to the things you cherish and want most.

4. Abstract images: I’m good at creating images that are other-worldly, surreal and unexplained, especially those that are related to time, space, life and emotions. Speaking of abstraction, Ray Bradbury is a master of abstract images. I just read his novella called “Levithian ’99” in the book called “Now and Forever”. Best story I have ever read.

Best Genre: dark fantasy/anything dark/gothic

Maybe next week we should talk about our weaknesses. LOL. Just to balance it out.

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4 thoughts on “What are your biggest strengths as a writer?

  1. Awesome question!

    Sounds like you’ve got the dark thing down, I’ll have to ask your opinion on my “dark” scenes…

    I have so much respect for your determination girl! Having a teacher that gives you the truth even when it stings will help you more than you know. You have so much focus at a young age, it’s sooo inspiring!!!

    Great post.

  2. Oooo, nice question. GAH, I love angst like I love ice cream bars, so I would probably like your stuff a lot.

    Hmm, I will have to contemplate this week’s topic deeply, as I don’t generally think about what I’m good at, sadly enough. Lucky I have until Friday. :-)

  3. Kim, you replied to my post saying that you want discipline if it’s a cake. Well, guess what? Determination goes hand-in-hand with discipline.

    I know you got what it takes. Keep your dreams alive!!! You’re not allowed to give up, since you promised that “you’d walk this journey with me”. (mhahaha)

    Oh, and I have to say that I love your dark writing XD

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