Blog Chain: Books on Writing

Hello! The Blog Chain of Awesomeness!

This week (which is HOT…), Lin started us off with the question; what are the best books you’ve read about writing?

Personally I don’t own any books on writing. And frankly I didn’t read many books on writing……………..I did read several books on writing, however–books about crafting a novel and publishing and such. But not many….(voice trailing off)

Ok, so…I suppose reference books count, too? Because they are the most frequently used books on my shelf. My first book is The Writer’s Complete Fantasy Reference published by Writer’s Digest Books. It’s in Chinese, though, because I bought it in Taiwan. (Actually, I just discovered that it’s published by Writer’s Digest…haha) It’s probably the most useful book that I own. It provides a thorough reference to fantasy. Its chapters include: Traditional Fantasy Culture, World Culture, Magic, Witchcraft, The Laws, Economy and Trade of the Fantasy World, Mystical Creatures, Legends, Clothing, Weapons/Armies, and Guide to a Castle. I get many inspirations there…oh, the book is illustrated, too. (sadly it’s black and white…)

My second book is also a reference book: Dictionary of Holy and Magic Items, written by Yamakita Atsushi. It’s in Chinese, as well. Every item is illustrated, and it has 620 items in total, citing its origin, the story or myth it has sprung from, and its use. (To be honest, I haven’t finished reading the whole book yet.)

I have a lot of reference books. I have a Dictionary of Weapons, Dictionary of Symbols…..I have this writing workbook but I bought it not because of its contents but its pictures and illustrations. (I tend to do that…) It’s actually a writing book for kids, but I couldn’t resist the pictures. So I got it anyway.

That’s all! Hear what the rest of the Blog Chain of Awesomeness has to say:

Monday: Lin

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(By the way, Wednesday is Lin’s Birthday!!!! Don’t forget to congratulate!)

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Friday- Girl With A Notebook

2 thoughts on “Blog Chain: Books on Writing

  1. Wow. Lots of cool references. I also have the The Writer’s Complete Fantasy Reference (mine is in English) but recently I haven’t used it much since everything in there is getting cliched = =

    Lots of dictionaries!!! So cool ^^ You should show me sometimes

  2. If only I could read Chinese…at this rate, I’ll be pleased if I can still speak fluently in ten years. Although, if the Fantasy Reference is by Writer’s Digest, I may be able to get my hands on it in English.

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