Love: This Generation

I have a theory (well, actually, just random thoughts) about why divorce/break-up rates are so high nowadays. First of all, everything I am going to say is strickly personal views. I have no scientific proof, statistics or any solid information to back up this. Just random babbles. And I hope I don’t offend anyone.

So, here goes:

I know many of the couples are met online, through social networking or whatsoever. I don’t have anything against it, but I don’t think people should establish their relationship entirely (or mostly) on the information exchanged online. Why? Because it can only be information. That’s just that. You don’t get to see the other person’s face, hear each other’s voice and watch each other’s body language when you speak. (avatars, display pictures, webcams or microphones don’t really count, because you are not actually face to face)

When you are not face to face, side by side, how can you truly communicate? How can you love someone when you don’t actually spend time with them, but only spend time with them in front of a screen? That’s not real. I mean, it’s an easy way to exchange info or just chat, but that CANNOT be the foundation of a relationship.

Often I’ve heard people say that they can talk to this person on MSN as if they were best friends. However, when they actually meet, in person, they have no idea what to say. There’s this distance that have not yet been overcome. Friendship or any relationship isn’t true unless people are face to face.

Technology is convenient, but it destroys the intimacy we used to have.

So, my point is: people break up or divorce all the time because they spend too much time “knowing” each other through the internet, text messages or whatever. That layer is too thin to build a relationship on. It’s going to break once a conflict surfaces.

And, on top of that, people who break up ONLINE are just ATROCIOUS COWARDS. I have really strong opinions against them. Breaking up online? That’s just ridiculous. Don’t you think your other half deserves to hear your break-up speech face to face? Instead of just reading a sentence and then everything is over? That’s stupid. Cowards, cowards, cowards.

In general, I think our generation is a spoiled and shallow generation. (this is besides the point…I guess I’ll elaborate on it later on, in another post)

So yeah…there you have it. My random opinion and thoughts on modern love.

Oh, one more thing, I think love and relationship are totally difference things. Think about it.

Yep….haha. XD

That’s all.


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