Blog Chain: Your Favourite Books

Hello, the Blog Chain of Awesomeness!

I seem to be the magnet of randomness. I am going first again!

This week, I am inspired (by Lin’s question last week) to ask that what are your favourite books? Is there one book in particular that inspired you? Why do you like about them? Is it the plot? The writing style? The characters?

Here are my favourite books:

1. A Fistful of Sky by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

This has to be the best fantasy fiction I have ever read. The plot is really attractive and humourous, and so does the protagonist Gypsym. In this story, after a person undergoes the “transition”, he or she receives their power. Gyp, specifically, receives the power of curses. The best part has to be when she says “damn”, something blows up. And she accidentally becomes magically bonded with a demon. But it’s unlike all the other stories about demon accidents. What happens between them is really interesting to read.

Also, the cover is just amazing. I bought it because of the cover in the first place. XD

2. Winter Rose by Patricia A. McKillip

This book is fantasy, too. I love this book because of the writing. McKillip has the dreamiest writing I have ever read. It’s so lyrical and beautiful, the way she describes things. The story is beautiful, too…about crossing worlds, love and hidden realms beyond sight. The protagonist Rois has the “eyes of the wood.” Which is a pretty cool concept…

Anyways. This books has inspired me deeply. It inspired me to write my best and how fantasy can just be like a daydream…and still mean something profound.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Chain: Your Favourite Books

  1. I admire your restraint — being able to pick only two. I ended up with eight. :S

    A Fistful of Sky is definitely going on my list — it sounds awesome. Not that that means I’m going to get to it anytime soon, but…

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