Blog Chain: What influences your writing?

Sorry, guys, that this is a day late. I was pretty occupied yesterday and I shamelessly forgot…sorry again.

This week’s question started in From Elysium : what influences your writing?

1. Books I read. I’m sure most writers find the things they read influence their style, diction or choice of words. I remember once I finished reading this Chinese WuXia novel (kind of like a kung fu/martial arts adventure genre in Chinese), and all my Chinese writing turned out to be WuXia style. Which is kind of funny, because I was trying to write this romance/jealousy schene and my charater’s voice became completely twisted. I had to go read some other books to “brainwash” me back and stop writing altogether.

2. From the writer’s around me. For example, Lin. We’ve been in the same creative writing class this year, and I think our brainwaves are beginning to match. It’s really creepy……anyways. It’s amazing how everyone can write in a different style, and how much I can learn from them. I am opened up to new genres, new dictions and new approaches to writing. Reading other people’s work and meeting the writers influence me a lot.

3. My mentors. I really value what my teachers have to say and what their opinions are. Sometimes I won’t necessarily learn writing skills from them, but I learn many stories from their lives and experiences that can really inspire me.

And that’s all!!! Hee hee.

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One thought on “Blog Chain: What influences your writing?

  1. Ha, can’t say I’ve ever had that happen with writing, but I know what you mean with the “brainwaves beginning to match” bit. I go to a boarding school, so I end up spending pretty much 24 hours a day with certain people… pretty soon we begin to think exactly the same… sort of scary, actually.

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