Blog Chain: 5 Sites/Blogs For Writers I visit

I am so sorry guys  T^T I forgot again. I was so busy with the courses registration this week. I didn’t really think of anything else. T^T

So here goes, the 5 sites/blogs for writers I visit:

1. I come here most often, I would say. Checking out the posts and updating my favourite music, ranting on my random but meaningful life. Haha. I love commenting !

2. I go there to check out books and author info. It’s pretty complete database for fictions and writers. It also links you to sites that allow you to purchase books online. Which is pretty useful!

3. Actually, I haven’t visited this site for quite a while now. But it used to be one of the sites that I go regularly. I posted some of my stories up there but apparently nobody read it LOL

4. this site is Taiwanese. It allows you to post your stories up there, and if your story gains popularity, the website will publish your story into a book. It’s that’ simple…I used to go there a lot, but then I realized the quality of writing is…how do you say, really “unpro”. Those novels that get published are short-lived and not valuable to buy, although they generally have cool covers.

To be honest, I don’t go onto sites for writer’s that much XD

Anyways. Rest of the week:

Monday: Gibber Jabber and Sometimes Helpful Nonsense…

Tuesday – Lin Wang – Teen Writer
Wednesday – Girl With a Notebook
Thursday – here
Friday – From Elysium

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