Blog Chain: Fantasy or Reality?

Hello, the Blog Chain of Awesomess!

This week’s question started at Girl With a Notebook: Do you prefer fantasy or reality?

Before, I worshipped fantasy alone. It was the only world I knew.  I couldn’t stand reality back then. Why would I want to know about real people anyway? Non-magic, too? With no mystical creatures or spells or mages? No dragons or sorcery or ghosts or vampires? BLEH! I AM NOT READING IT!

However, I have undergone a dramatic change…right now, I had pretty much switched to the other side of the spectrum. I’m in love with realistic fiction, although I still prefer some elements of fantasy added to it. My style of writing has transformed, too. Right now, fantasy/realism is just the awesomest combo! Remembering how I detested reality back then, I can only smile and shake my head…

In general, I guess, I’m still a fantasy person. It’s always been part of me. When I was young I always read fantasy fiction. (which my parents referred to as ” junk book”. They always said, “Read more classics, Kim! stop reading all these garbage! They’re a waste of money!”

Of course I disobeyed them. Haha. STAY AWAY FROM MY BOOKS. lol

My favourite fantasy genre has to be vampirism. I’m obsessed with them. I love werewolves, too, but if I happened to teleport into Underworld (vampire/lycans movie) I would undoubtedly be on the vampire’s side. Haha. I love books with spells, especially those that rhyme. No offense, though I like the Harry Potter Series, I hate the spells sooooo much!!! First of all, I don’t know latin, so I have no idea what they mean, and I prefer spells written in ENGLISH and in WORDS THAT I KNOW  AND UNDERSTAND.

Haha XD off topic again.

Anyways! Here’s the rest of the week:

Thursday: From Elysium

3 thoughts on “Blog Chain: Fantasy or Reality?

  1. Ha ha, my parents also thought the books I read as a kid were junk. :) But then again, they really couldn’t complain, since they didn’t give me any money to spend on books anyway so I got them all from the library. And most of the time it didn’t matter… unless they tried to take away the latest Harry Potter book while I was in the middle of reading it… then I got annoyed. :)

  2. Yup. Agree all the way. My parents think novels are useless.

    I used to hide when I got the latest Harry Potter book and read them behind bushes or something, because I got SO irritated when people interrupted. My mom interrupted at the end of the sixth book *SPOILER* when Dumbledore dies *END* (is this even a spoiler anymore?), and I remember I freaked out, burst into tears, and ran away screaming, “My favorite character just died, and you don’t even care!”

    My mom probably thought I went insane.

  3. Yeah, my parents actually tried to stop me from reading fantasy once-upon-a-time. But they weren’t going to stop me…

    I just read when they’re not there – -. XD

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