Blog Chain: POV

Somebody stab me please…T^T…I don’t know why I am so forgetful. I am so sorry, the Blog Chain of Awesomeness….

This week’s question started at Flames and Shadows. How do I choose which POV I am going to use?

To be quite honest, I just write whatever I feel like. Usually it takes me a long time to begin a piece or a story, but once I got the flow I know what I’m going to do. Usually the POV just comes naturally into my writing, and I don’t really spend much time thinking about it.

Generally I choose POV based on how much information I am going to convey through my writing. Because to me, using third person, you can be a little bit secretive. But first person is really different. I can write whatever that’s going on in my character’s head. But then again, exterior details have to be included selectively, since I love to describe internal feelings and I love altering perceptions and stuff. I think third person is “more cool”, and the details are better distinguished…first person, on the other hand, readers can only see the world with the narrator’s eyes.

When I do have trouble choosing which POV to use, though, I begin the story with every point of view possible and see which one is “the one”. But that rarely happens…I don’t know. A character’s voice appears in my head before I write, so I just follow that voice and write down whatever it tells me. It’s like the characters are actually alive.

I don’t really get stuck on POV. I usually get stuck on the plot or looking for the right words to describe a scene in my head. Because I’m so picky on my own writing, I tend to be seeking “perfection” in my writing, but nothing is perfect…

Anyways XD

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