Blog Chain: How do you edit?

I must say that I am quite an edit freak. I edit as I write, because I am a perfectionaist and I have to find the right words or expression no matter what to continue. That’s probably why my progress is really slow because I edit too much.

But then again, when I eventually got to the end, I never have to edit much. I never leave an “imperfect” expression or sentence in my story. I delete it immediately. It has to be right the first time. If not, it has to be correct as soon as possible. If I can’t come up with any good, I don’t write at all. I like to be precise.

So when I do edit a piece as a whole, I check my grammar first. Did I repeat a word by accidnet? (such as the the, I do that all the time lol) or is there something wrong with the spacing etc. And then I read it out loud (at the same time I criticize my own horrible acting skills since I always attempt to “sound” like one of my characters when I read) to see if it “flows”. When I get to this part that I don’t think fit I would reread the paragraphs before and after it and try to figure out how to change it.

When I can’t find the right word when I edit, I either wait for it or go online to or the thesaurus and see if anything good pops up.

I then look at the structure of the story. Does things make sense? Am I contradicting myself? Did I leave out important details? Have I explained everything thoroughly? I take notes while I am doing this and eventually and lastly, I get to the end of the story.

Ending is a real biggie for me. It has to be perfect. Like ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. FLAWLESSLY PERFECT. And usually I like indeterminate endings, or give my readers something metaphorical. Or leave a question. My ending is generally hopeful. Sometimes the problems won’t be resolved, or sometimes the main character die (lol). But yeah, it’s generally hopeful.

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