Blog Chain: How much prewriting do you do?

I am so lost these days…

Anyhow. I don’t do much pre-writing, I would say. I mean, I do plan ahead before I begin to write, but not much. I plan as I go. I write, and I plan or make changes to my plan. Most of my “writing outside of my writing” is done during my writing. I don’t if that makes sense or not, but that’s how it is.

Usually, I figure who my protagonist is. That has to be the very first thing. For example, in the novella I am currently writing, I was going to make Pravusus (a demon) my protagonist, but then I realized he can only be the antagonist and never the protagonist. Because he will never undergo any emotional changes or personal growth or whatsoever, and there is absoltuely nothing that we, as humans, can relate to. He is a heartless bloodthirsty demon. All he wants is to kill and “upgrade”.

Anyways. After I figure out my protagonist, I start writing a little bit, and I’ll stop when the rest of the story comes to me, and I’ll keep writing, jotting down notes as I go along.

Speaking of notes, yWriter is an awesome software to keep track of things. It’s free, too.

So yeah…I don’t prewrite much. I just follow wherever the story will take me and write tihngs down along the way…

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One thought on “Blog Chain: How much prewriting do you do?

  1. I’ve tried using yWriter, and it seems like it might be useful, I just don’t like the interface and tend to be picky about such things.

    Your novella sounds quite interesting. How’s it going?

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