Blog Chain: Quirks

This week’s topic started at From Elsyium. So…my strange writing habbits…?

1. Even though I love writing, I am lazy. I write best when I have a deadline IN CLASS. It has to be in class or I don’t give a damn. I mean, I do think about it constantly, say there’s this writing contest or etc. I don’t know why. I just HAVE to have a class to push me.

2. I love to write on other people’s computers. When I write at home, I travel from my own computer to my dad’s computer, and then my mom’s computer…I don’t know if it helps me write or anything, it’s just something I tend to do.

I don’t have many strange habbits when I write, really…um, I drink a lot of water when I write, I guess that’s one. I drank so much water that I have to pee, but I don’t want to leave the desk because I’ll stop typing. LOL

Anyway. Sorry it’s kind of a short entry for me today.

Rest of the week:

Monday: From Elsyium
Tuesday: here
(I just went through UBC’s Imagine Day. It’s an orientation program for first year students. IT WAS AMAZING!)

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