Blog Chain: Inspiration

This week’s question started at Girl with a Notebook. What’s something that inspired me recently? Hmmm…

Well, right now, I’m pretty inspired by the X-men movie Wolverine, and the book Wicked by Gregory Maguire. And, as usual, I am inspired by vampires.

Initially I found Wicked quite dull, when I read it in grade 10. ,(well actually I didn’t finish it. I got to 1/3 of the book) Right now as I begin to read it again I found it excenllently written and extremely interesting to read. (people do grow up, eh? LOL)

Well, I’m kind of having mixed images of mutants and Hugh Jackman and Elphaba and her green skin….and of course, vampires from my crimson realm…now I get this magic school and this girl who is a half vampire and she is assigned to this team of mutants as a guide!?

OK that’ll become total fanfiction. But what I get out of all these chaotic images is a character. I haven’t named her yet, but she is half vampire (or has a vampire bloodline in her family. Haven’t decided. This side of her is discovered and awakened by this trial thingy, conducted by the professors and elders in her school to find her her “true nature” because she is able to use dark powerful blood magic) and she is really talented in scorcery and raw pure magic powers. She is a rebel from head to toe, and her dearest brother died (I haven’t figured out the reason yet) but she loves her brother dearly, and I still need to find out who her parents are…or were, if they happened to be dead.

Yeah…that’s about it. I hope all this makes sense. Nod.

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