Blog Chain: Something New

Hi, the Blog Chain of Awesomeness! This time, I want to start off the week by asking everyone that: is there something new (related to writing, of course) in life? New goals, new aspirations, new genre, new style…?

For me, I am exposed to many different genres right now, since I’m taking creative writing classes at UBC. I used to think that I will only go for fiction-writing/book publishing, but right now I am seriously considering of going into writing stage plays or screenplays.

There are actually many differeny genres in creative writing: fiction, non-ficiton, poetry, lyric, libretto, children’s writing, stage play/screen play, radio…

Well, as of now I am really unsure of my future. I was so fixed on my goal of writing books and pubilshing them, I didn’t leave any room to think about anything else. Right now, I am overwhelmed by the immense possibilities of creative writing, and the vauge, unknown future.

And I am really scared of not making into UBC’s creative writing program. It is extremely competitive, from what I heard. But I also heard that it is one of the best.

Most of my creative writing classes are populated by senior students…I feel so young and small in such a big mature class. First year, newbie! That’s me. However, I do get to meet many awesome writers there. For instance, I met another Kimberly, who is also into fantasy as well. Isn’t that weird?

My writing style is develping into a more lyrical and somehow abstract style. I usually avoid poignant languages or words, unless I need them. I haven’t written poetry for a while, and I should be writing more but I’ve been so occupied with my Earth and Ocean Science Course…

Anyway. I just read this awesome one-act play called “Courting”. It was hilarious! And the lines about love are just breathtaking. I also read this other play called “Recess”…it was just really edgy and weird…

Yeah…so that’s my writing life so far…I haven’t written things for a while…i feel bad…

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One thought on “Blog Chain: Something New

  1. Writing screenplays is a lot of fun — have you tried script frenzy? I tried it for the first time last year, and ever since then I’ve been getting a whole bunch of ideas that would work a lot better as scripts than as novels… which is kind of scary, because I know a lot less about scripts than I do about novels. But then again, its’ probably a good thing to open yourself up to different mediums of creative writing. =]

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