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Hello, the Blog Chain of Awesomeness!

Sorry I forgot to write an entry on Friday…it was my mother’s birthday and I had a test on the same day…and then over the weekend I had a project due.

Sorry again! And since I forgot to mention who should be writing for this week, I will start off this week’s as well.

So first of all, for last week’s question: how do you improve your writing?

For me, I would say the most effective way to improve my writing is to take classes. It is the exact “exterior” force that I need to force myself into finishing my writing projects, also to be inspired by the classmates that I have. Usually they are dedicated writers as well. Also, the teacher/professor introduces you to literary works and books that are worth a read. And every writer knows reading is one of the best ways to learn!

Secondly, I imporve/learn best when I try to imitate a specific technique or writing style. Once I’ve done it (or should I say copied it, sort of) I know how to use the techniques or structures into my own writing.

And I also improve by gathering feedbacks from my fellow friends, teachers or writers. I force them to point out what isn’t working, and that’s all I need to know. But the problem is most people are too polite to be brutal…when they don’t know you enough they’ll just say “Oh I really liked it.”

Anyway. That’s for last week’s question.

For this week:

Monday: Me

Tuesday: Girl With a Notebook  Wednesday: Sometimes Nonsense
Thursday: Flames and shadows  Friday: From Elysium

Ok, so this week’s question is…

If you could present your work to one (or more) specific author (or any celebraty, for that matter) who would it be?

That person doesn’t have to be alive. Haha.

Well, for me, undoubtedly, it has to be Patricia A. Mckillip and Ray Bradbury, since they are my favourite authors. McKillip has a major and significant influence on my writing lately, since I like to be lyrical and my short stories are sometimes read like a prose. Some parts of it, anyway.

Ray Bradbury is just amazing. Some of his stories are just bizzare…but good! My favourite book of his is “Now and Forever”. His writing is usually abstract, which is another element that I like, and I would be curious to hear what he thinks of my work.

Ok, I also have a third person. I want to show my writing to Shakespeare!!! Just for the fun of it. He will probably toss it aside and compose a beautiful sonnet in front of my face just to show me what a piece of crap my writing is. Haha…well, it probably won’t be that bad. He’ll probably be happy to see that people from the present days are using a bunch of words that he invented.

Anyway. That’s it for me! Sorry again >_< I hope I didn’t cause any inconvenience.


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