Blog Chain: What makes a memorable character?

This week’s question started at From Elysium. I agree that Mr. Darcy isn’t all that dreamy and wonderful. I read Pride and Prejudice in my English AP 12 class, and I did not understand at all why so many girls are obsessed with him. He’s rich, he’s handsome, he’s cool and he’s desperately in love. Somehow this kind of setting makes a man extremely attractive…

Well, anyways. So here’s my criteria for a memorable character:

1. Witty/Sarcastic: I’ve always loved characters who have sharp tongues and a snappy mind. This might sound kind of bad, but reading about one person dissing another person with humour and wit is seriously fun. Especially when that person who is being dissed is the “meanie” or the “jerk” or “the idiot who needs a wake up call”.

2. Mixture of Light and Dark: Usually I love characters who have some kind of dark past or dark powers, but “deep down inside he or she is the good guy” that kind of thing. I enjoy reading about characters who have both a light side and a dark side. Maybe more of a dark side. (70% darkness and the rest of the goodness makes that character not so morally or humanly corrupted)

3. Vampires: What can I say? I love vampires. Usually the vampires I like are those melancholy, lonely ones who are very powerful and myterious. Sometimes I enjoy reading about a “young” vampire who has some modern aspects to it and is somehow cute. (does that even make sense?) And I like vampires who do not rely on blood to survive. They’re just chill with their vampire powers and abilities but not having the need to consume blood. THAT’S JUST COOL!!

My list of memorable characters:

1. Keleois: from “Nightseer”. She is able to use powerful magic such as herb-witchery, sorcery, dark magic and she is a Dreamer as well. She is actually a banished princess and has a twin sister who rules a kingdom. She’s wild, mature, cool and kind of ironic.

2. Legolas: C’mon. Who doesn’t love a tall handsome elf prince? He’s from Lord of the Rings, by the way. Ok, I admit that I like him partially because of Orlando Bloom. But who cares! He’s cool and totally awesome!

3. D: he’s a vampire hunter. And yep, that’s his name: “D”. He is actually a half vampire and is described to have a very beautifully handsome face. (that sounds weird…but yeah…) and he’s also the son of the vampire lord Dracula. He wields a sword and rides cyborg horse…XD

4. Lord Asriel: from Golden Compass. OKOK I like him because Daniel Craig played him and I love Daniel Craig. And I tend to love characters who are cold and serious and aloof towards others. They’re usually in a high position of authority and powerful. Nod nod.

5. Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle: she’s just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how she unconsciously uses magic and how she talks to the hats and unleashes magic without knowing. That’s how her hat business got so good. OMG now I want to read it again. NOD NOD NOD. I’m getting hyper lol.

Anyways. That’s it!! Rest of the week:

Tuesday: Here

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