Blog Chain: Character Bio

This week’s question started off at Sometimes Helpful Nonsense. How do we get to know our own characters?

I begin with a trait, a name, an ability or perhaps a flaw. From there, the character gradually emerges. I would say the name would be the most crucial detail during the process of creation. I don’t usually look for pictures or things that represent my character. I start writing right away, and allow the character to develop.

For me there’s nothing specific or technical. I just write and let the characters take control over me. Of course, I do have several focus when I am writing, but I stopped the futile attempts to draft a character profile before I write because my characters never listen to me, anyway. They tend to grow and surface on their own. Most of the time they end up total strangers, yet they were given birth by my very own mind.

Also, I found that appearance does not strike me as extremely important in a story, since most of my stories are theme based. When it’s character driven I don’t really describe what they look like all that much, because I like to concentrate on the internal conflcits and ongoings.

And haha! Guess what! I did not forget to write this week. Because today (the day I am writing) is Thursday! I am going to schedule the post and be very very responsible.

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