Ray Hsu

I finally finished reading his book: “Anthropy”. It’s a collection of poems that my creative writing prof has written. I’m too scared to approach him, although I’ve done it over and over in my own head. I think I’ll just forget whatever I want to say when I’m in front of him and I’ll look like a total idiot.

Anyhow, he’s an amazing poet. It hurts that he’s right in front of me every Wednesday and Friday and I just can’t work up the courage to go up and talk to him after class. :( Curse my shyness.

My favourite poem of his is “Depth”. I read it so many times, and after the 15th time or something, I noticed this word and the whole poem transformed into something I never recognized. Just one word! How could I have missed it? The meaning was entirely altered just by that one word. Actually, I’ve read it over and over and over and over and I’m still not sure what the meaning of the poem is. AND I AM TOO SCARED TO ASK HIM ABOUT IT. SCREW ME. T^T

It took me a month to finish his book. It was overdue, too. I borrowed it from the library. I had to call them to renew it so I could keep reading it. Plus, I was still on campus residence when it was overdue, and I couldn’t return it to the library because it’s in Coquitlam…

Yeah. I think I am going to buy the book. It might take a few months for me to figure out what his poems are about, but that’s the beauty of poetry, I guess. You get to say what you want without saying what you want.

Yep. I am buying his book so I can keep it and read it from time to time. There’s this poem called “Pneuma”, in which Ray put two wars side by side: the Trojan War and another war involving Sima Yi and Kong Ming. I was delighted simply by the fact that he mentioned something from the Chinese history.

Gosh. This post lacks serious organization. But whatever. I’m writing whatever that’s come to my head right now. I’m going to read “Pneuma” again and probably write a post about it later. But first I have to do my Korean homework and review Earth Science.

Currently listening to “Try” by Asher Book, from Fame the Movie 2009.




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