Blog Chain: Writing Community

Lin started this week with the question: “What is your writing community like?” Check out her post here.

Among my close friends, Lin is the only person I know to be a writer. Most of my other friends are video-gamers or youtubers. So, naturally, Lin becomes the only “outlet” of my writing (sorry if that sounds offensive lol) and I’m grateful that she always gives me honest and useful feedbacks, instead of just saying “oh it’s good” or “I like it”, like most of my non-writer friends do. To someone who wants to really improve, those “praises” amount to absolutely nothing. I’d rather have someone brutally critique me then face polite meaningless praises.

Anyway. Lin is basically the only person I seek feedback/advice/support/hyper outlet/critique from. Wooooooooot.

(what the heck am I doing!? Anyways. I am so hungry as I am writing this!! XD)

Other then that, the creative writing classes I am currently attending at UBC allow me to be in contact with professors who are published writers (though I still haven’t worked up the courage to actually talk to them. It’s really hard for me) and a whole class of creative writers. In one of my classes, workshopping is a major component. The students are divided into groups and take turns to upload their work up to Sakai (the site we use in creative writing classes to share documents and resources) so the group members could read it. I am posting mine up this Friday, and I hope I receive positive feedbacks from my group.

At times, I visit random blogs to leave comments, so people might link back to my own blog. Right now, I’m thinking about sticking up random little poems on the bathroom doors so to “spread the word”.

(Lin, remember last time I put up both of our “lost pet” posters and they got taken down?? XD Your Chiyiwa Monster was too cute lol)

Anyways. Here’s the rest of the week:

Thursday: From Elysium

One thought on “Blog Chain: Writing Community

  1. Oh, don’t be afraid to talk to your professors! It’s a bit intimidating, I admit, but I adore talking to mine, because they have so much experience. They have so much to share–and trust me, they love to share what they know. That’s why they teach. (Most of them, anyway; I go to a big research university, so some of them are a little more prickly because they’d rather sit in a corner and do their own thing, but you’ve got to put out some feelers and find which profs are which). And it’s always great to have a go-to professor too. You never know what kinds of doors they can open for you in the future.

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