Just finished reading Frankenstein

Just want to record some thoughts while they are still fresh in my mind…

First of all, I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the book. I wouldn’t say I hated it. Well, I’m not neutral towards it, either.

It is, indeed, a very plot-driven book. That’s probably what kept me from giving up the story entirely as I was reading it.

Things that made me want to just give up the book:
1. The fact that the creature/fiend/devil/monster never has a name throughout the book. It’s so difficult to refer to him as those things. Moreover, how come he never ventures to name himself when he is oh so yearning to be normal, to be like a human?

2. The fact that he can read Paradise Lost. The intelligence that he has gained while he watches the family is not reasonable. Alone, without no direct human contact, he cannot develop all this knowledge, let along reading Paradise Lost!

3. He found a huge coat that mysteriously fits him. I wonder who left it there unintentionally? Later on he told Frankenstein that he found a note in the coat. That is the note of all Frankenstein’s loathings and rantings towards him. I wonder how that’s possible when the coat is found in the forest.

4. The last part, when the creature is justifying his crimes, saying that he regret everything he’s doing while he’s doing it. At the same time he’s driven by vengeful passions. That just does not make sense at all. It would have been believable if he is overcome by regret AFTER Frankenstein is dead. But during those murders!? Although he IS capable of feelings, regretting the murder while committing the murder and the fact he whines about how he cannot refuse that voice in his head…

5. Endeavour. Endeavour. Endeavour. It’s EVERYWHERE…

As I want to become a writer myself, I pay tremendous amount of attention to diction and figurative language and all that jazz. The repetitive words drove me insane.



3 thoughts on “Just finished reading Frankenstein

  1. Kyaa-haa! I read Frankenstein in Grade 10! >v<

    My GOD that is the WORST book I have ever read! The words are confusing, you don't know what the heck is going on, the narratives are too long, it's too "tell-y" (Complete opposite of "show, don't tell" concept), and the Victor Frankenstein is the dumbest wuss you will EVER meet/read about! x.x

    Heheh… I only remember 1, 2 anad 5… The others I forgot because I made myself try to forget it… x.x;;;

  2. What other words did you find repetitive? I am writing an essay that focuses on the repetition of certain words and how they resonate through the text.

  3. Here are some of the words I found repetitive:

    (Yep I actually kept track of it because I was so annoyed with all the repetition…)

    Hope that helps. Good luck on your essay.

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