Still reading “The Winner Stands Alone”…

There are some good messages about vanity and about the darkness behind the world of “glamour”, like fashion or film or the life of a star. That’s the only reason I keep reading. Other-wise, I would have given up in frustration a long time ago.

His writing is unbearable. I mean, there ARE some awesome lines but honestly, he’s spoonfeeding me everything. I feel like a big reader baby. As a creative writer I’ve always learned to “show don’t tell”, but apparently Paul Coelho tells, and doesn’t show. Also I find reoccuring themes such as Igor babbling about how he’s overcome obstacles to get to where he is today, and he must appreciate what he has. That’s not a summary or paraphrasing. That’s literally what he’s written down. So what exactly has he gone through? What are his feelings when he goes through these things? I don’t want to know what he did, I want to know the process in which he accomplished what he did. Is that too much to ask?

And pretty much all this characters have the same voice. There’s no variation. That’s a big thing for me, a character’s voice. I like a story that is voice driven. Well, this book is very plot-driven…most of the time, anyway. Sometimes Paul Coelho trails off and starts talking about blood diamonds and the Kimberley process and the distribution of a film and whatnot. I mean, I get it, you’re “painting a picture of where we are today”, but it’s completely irrelevant to the story. And what I hate the most is, after he finishes “informing” the readers, his character will say something like, “Oh where was I? How did I get so off-topic? Anyway, back to whatever I was doing…”

That’s really annoying. That’s really really really annoying. In fact, that’s the MOST ANNOYING THING EVER. At least, you can have a better transition, no? Grrrrrrr.

I don’t recall “The Alchemist” being so frustrating. That’s probably the best book I’ve read. Best book of his, I mean.

This book, man, I’m suffer as I read it…but I’m determined to finish it, just to see what his “conclusion” is. Nod nod.

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