Kim VS Totoro: The Final Battle, Episode 2

Reported by Winnie the Pooh, professional journalist and another resident of Kim’s room.

(No Totoro or any of his associates is harmed during this battle. I’m writing this because I’m too bored. Feel free to comment on my lameness.)


Kimberly Tsan is trying to find her sword while avoiding Totoro’s vicious attacks.

This is not good. Totoro is stronger than she thinks.

Totoro charges forward with incredible speed. “You should never have started this.”

Kim quickly dodges his attack. “No. This has to be done.”

She jumps up, but Totoro does not follow. He just stands there and sighs.

Kim closes her eyes, searching for her sword. She can sense it. In the darkness, she calls it forth.

She opens her eyes, with her sword in her right hand. Totoro shakes his head.

“Watch out,” she says as she lands. She holds the sword with both of her hands, ready to deliver a deadly blow. She chanels some of her energy into the sword. No, she then thinks. I should finish this as soon as possible. So she pours all her energy into her weaspon. The air hums as if it’s vibrating. Blue rays of light begin to emit from the sword.

Totoro sighs again.

“Take this!” Kim shouts and advances. The distance between Totoro and her closes. She raises her sword.

It’s over now.

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