Kim VS Totoro: The Final Battle, Episode 3

Reported by Winnie the Pooh, professional journalist and another resident of Kim’s room.

(No Totoro or any of his associates is harmed during this battle.)

Kimberly Tsan…is down!?

Totoro’s fierce stare burns into Kim, who collapses onto the ground with a grunt. “Dammit,” she curses. Not only does Totoro deflect her blow, his sword slices through her shoulder and leaves it bleeding.

Kim winces from the pain. Maybe she should have accepted the CS challenge…

No. She must not think like this. She has to do this. This is the only way.

She keeps telling herself.

“Do you give up now?” Totoro asks. “We can still end this with Rock Paper Scissors, if you want.”

Kim bites her lower lip. No. She will not accept his mercy like this. No way. She shall live as a warrior and die as a warrior. There is no other option.

However, her decreasing strength speaks otherwise. Her sight begins to blur, and she feels her control slipping away. Her hands are shaking.

She doesn’t know what to do.

Totoro remains impassive and cool. He faces Kim, who is struggling to get up.

“This is not a fight you can win…”


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