Kim VS Totoro: The Final Battle, Episode 4

Reported by Winnie the Pooh, professional journalist and another resident of Kim’s room.

(No Totoro or any of his associates is harmed during this battle.)

Kimberly Tsan…is up!

She’s not so easily defeated.

Totoro is stronger than she thinks, but she’s ready for that. The realization came slightly late, that’s all.

To win, she must put her vanity aside. She’s been too careless, and she shouldn’t have been. She won’t make the same mistake again. Kim closes her eyes; her mind reaches into the pool of energy that gathers inside of her. She releases it and feels it traveling through her body.

Totoro looks surprised. “Wow. I thought you were finished.”

Kim smiles. “I can never be finished,” she says. “Only my opponents can.”

“Oh-oh,” Totoro’s eyes widen.

Kim stops smiling.

“The real battle begins now…”

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