Kim VS Totoro: The Final Battle, Final Episode

Reported by Winnie the Pooh, professional journalist and another resident of Kim’s room.

(No Totoro or any of his associates is harmed during this battle.)

Kimberly Tsan…has won!

Kim has saved the best for last.

You know, those big final attacks that pretty much all anime/cartoon characters have? (For example, kame-kame ha, rasengan…etc, you know, the ultimate move.)

That’s what she’s going to use.

“You won’t get away this time,” Kim says, an intense energy starts swirling around her fist.

“I never got away before, because we never fought,” Totoro explains.

“Doesn’t matter!” Kim continues to power up. “You know what I mean!”

“Maybe I should begin to express my disbelief of your sudden increase of outrageous power, such as yelling out this cannot be! or IMPOSSIBLE! with a desperate facial expression.”

“That’s the way it goes. Feel free.”

Totoro stands there for a while, silent. Then he shakes his head. “Nah.”

“Here goes,” Kim shouts, finishing her power-up. “Take this—KIIIIIIIIMMM—”







Totoro closes his eyes from the burst of blue light from Kim’s attack, and his stomach is suddenly filled with unbearable pain.

And then he loses his footing, unable to stand Kim’s powerful attack, and trails off into the distant sky with a CHINK.

Kim watches Totoro’s disappearance, satisfied with her triumph.

Kim: “What did I tell you, Totoro?”


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