Kim VS Totoro: The Aftermath…

Reported by Winnie the Pooh.

“It hurt, you know,” Totoro complains. “You didn’t have to punch so hard. And I didn’t disappear with a chink…”

“You disappeared with a thump,” Kim says, busy updating her blog, putting quotes on FB and looking up words she doesn’t know. “I beautified your defeat.”

“You mean Winnie did.”

“Yeah, but I’m essentially writing for Winnie.”

“Like what you’re doing right now?”

“Yep. Quit staring at me like that.”

Totoro remains silent for a while. His eyes narrow into tiny slits.  “This was about  the cat-bus, wasn’t it?”

Kim looks at Totoro. “No.”

“I knew it.”

“This was most certainly NOT about the cat-bus, okay?”

“Kim, don’t lie to me,” Totoro stares at Kim intensely.

“I’m telling the truth,” Kim says.

“Then is this about my weight?” Totoro says, louder this time.

“Your weight!? God–NO!”

“You envy my perfect body shape, don’t you? That’s why you challenged me and Kimberly-punched me in the stomach. You have a distorted mind, Kim.”

Kim’s eyes widen, her mouth agape. “Er…no…?” She tries hard not to laugh.

“This must be it. You and your inner darkness, Kim,” Totoro says grimly.

Kim frowns. “I am…going to ignore you.”

Totoro tightens his fist. “Oh, Kim…this is far from over…”

Winnie can’t help but interrupt: “You’re not going to challenge Kim for a rematch!?”

“Yes…this time, I won’t lose…”

Kim shakes her head. “Uh, I refuse the challenge. Once is enough, man. Besides, I’m running out of creativity for camera angles. It’s hard to include both Totoro and me using a built-in webcam, okay?”

“Just wait and see, Kim…”

“Totoro, cut it out, I’m trying to wrap up our battle stories.”

“This is not over…”

“No, this is over, as over as over can be. Wakatta?”

“I don’t speak Japanese,” Totoro says.

“But YOU’RE Japanese!” Kim exclaims.

“I was made in China, okay?”

“Oh,” Kim says. “I see.”

“Sheesh,” Totoro turns, annoyed.

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