Directed by Carlos Saldanha

Produced by John C. Donkin, Bruce Anderson, Chris Wedge

Screenplay by Don Rhymer, Joshua Sternin, Jeffrey Ventimilia, Todd R. Jones, Earl Richey Jones

Story by Carlos Saldanha

Music by John Powell

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(So I ended up watching this movie before Sky Crawlers…but don’t worry, will watch it soon.)

Initially, what got me into watching this movie was the utter cuteness of a blue Spix’s Macaw, named Blu (of course!). Being the last male of his kind, he shoulders the responsibility to preserve the existence of his species. For this, he and his owner, Linda, must fly all the way from Minnesota (where he was snuggled and taken to when he was still a baby bird and lived fifteen years for) to Rio, in order to meet the last female of his kind, a beautiful bird named Jewels. Of course, there are always some greedy monetarily driven villains planning on snatching these last birds to make a fortune off them…which springs the story into action as Blu and Jewels are captured, chained together, escaped together, and searched for help all around Rio to free themselves.

But the thing is…Blu, being a “pet bird” and domestic bird for all of his life, cannot fly.

(For the record…this is not going to be a professional or normal review…I’m just going to talk about random things LOL)


First of all, let me just say how impressed I am with the music. For me, what sets the soundtracks apart is definitely the fact that it shifts completely away from mainstream music and the typical orchestral compositions that an animation usually has. The setting in Rio is also very different from the animal films, since most of those stories take place in the jungle, forest or some sort of park. Although there are several scenes taken place in the jungle of Rio, but the movie has breathlessly captured the beauty, limitless scape of Rio and also the fervent spirit of the Carnival. From beginning to the end, it’s been an exciting visual ride–in addition to the music.

Characters…what I’m all hyped up for

Blu is SHO CUTE! I couldn’t help but “awwwwwwww” when he was still a baby bird. As expected, he was picked up by a local in Minnesota–Linda, and grew up to be quite a nerd–since Linda lives in a bookstore. (I can totally understand why he is voiced by Jesse Eisenberg, who played Mark in Social Network. A little “spin-off” from that nerdiness?) Throughout the film, you can see how his rational babblings and mathematic calculations saturates the story with humour and quirkiness. His scientific knowledge becomes, many times, what gets the couple through their adventures and helps overcome the perils that surround them. However, his overly rigid rationality also renders him unable to “feel” properly–thus disabling from reeeeeeally flying…since flying comes from the heart of a bird. His panicky moments consist of his attempts for composure and control, which is quite funny to watch when he’s trying to “calm down” and make side comments while he’s trying to escape from Nigel–the Villain.

(Oh wait…also, Blu is an awesome skater-bird! He is “bilingual”, too, since he can “bark” like a dog to scare away cats. LOL)

Nigel! He officially enters the list of my “Favourite Villains”. Nigel is a bird that suffers from his immense hatred towards exotic birds since his role as a television star was replaced by a parakeet. He’s sadistic, slightly psychotic and has an awesome maniac laugh. (Is that a weird thing to say?) Like every villain he enjoys (and is very good at) manipulating others with their fear. To break down his traits…he seems a little bit typical, but heck…the way he is put together, along with his voice and his little song that introduces his character…he’s an awesome villain. AWESOME, I SAY!

I also love Blue’s sidekicks–Pedro, Nicko, Rafael, and Luiz. I was excited when I saw on the credit list, and I was eager to identify which character he voices for. At first I thought it was Sylvio, but then I figured out it was actually Pedro when he started rapping. XD Once again–the music is just SENSATIONAL, as I have babbled before.

(I wasn’t that crazy for Jewels, though…however, I think Ann Hathaway did a great job voicing her. I think the Ann-Hathaway princess/kick-ass vibe totally suits her as a character.)

The parallel love story…(spoilers alert) 

So Linda and Tulio (a weirdo who is crazy for birds…he’s most likely, probably, very possibly a bird himself underneath those human skins…the way he tries to “communicate” with Blu by making bird noises, wing-motions and cocking his head is…to my amusement, a complete failure. You see how much Blue is freaked out by his improper “language”)

Seems like I’ve derived from the original sentence here…so Linda and Tulio also fall in love. Typical, eh? It wasn’t difficult to predict. as they search for Blu and Jewels together, they gradually fall for each other…

Why did I start a heading about their love LOL I actually don’t have much to say about them…haha. But the movie ended differently than I expected, or shall I say…what I feared most. I was desperately hoping to see something ELSE other than releasing Blu into the wild, into his natural habitat so he can be with his love, and Linda leaves the country, or something…blah blah blah. Well…they all end up together, and Linda stays in Rio with Tulio.

Actually, in the beginning I was kind of expecting Tulio’s institution to be a total jerk and would just snatch Blu by force-from Linda. That didn’t happen. Here’s another reason why I liked the movie–it’s not as “American-drama-ish” as I expected it to be. I recall there was a previous animation…Alpha and Omega? Or something. I didn’t watch it but I saw the trailer, and I just wanted to laugh…so this is what animations have fallen down to? Top female and bottom male. Romance. Sigh…

Speaking of which, I regret to say that Disney has been on the tracks to its downfall…I mean, in terms of story-lines, characterization and musical/lyrics, the recent films suffer a sad deterioration. I miss the Disney classics…look at Lion King. Scar, the villain, actually has a PERSONALITY.

Anyway. I mean, I’m not saying the recent Disney or Dreamworkers animations are all not worthwhile…take Up, for example, that’s another awesome animation. I don’t know…times are changing…I guess? I do admit though…some of the old animations don’t “pace” fast enough…sometimes it’s a bit slow to watch.

People are getting impatient these days? And all we need is some cheesy action movie to get us pumped up…

ANYWAYS!!!! That’s some seriously detour from my original topic LOL. Are all my movie reviews going to end up like this? Hahahahaha.


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