Priest (2011)

Directed by Scott Stewart

Produced by Michael DeLuca, Joshua Donen, Mitchell Peck

Written by Cory Goodman

Based on Priest by Min-Woo Hyung

Music by Christopher Young

My first impression of this movie is…this looks and feels like Legion! Apocalyptic, tinged with Christianity and saturated with horrific action as well as occasional, wonderfully written lines. I was thinking…did Stewart direct this film, too? Bingo. Yep. When I looked up the credits online, I was reassured of my suspicions. (I watched it late at night, so my eyes kind of skipped through the rolling credits…while I was watching it lol)

Anyway. This film greatly resembles Legion…and that’s probably what got me into watching this film in the first place because I LOOOVE end-of-the-world-demon-killing stuff. Also, Paul Bettany is in it…so….no reason not to watch it, right?

And again…I’m having mixed feelings for this movie. Plot wise, things happen one after another and it’s, at times, unbearably linear. The movie only picked up about halfway through the movie, when the Priestess revealed her emotions to Priest. The whole set-sup seems simple enough. Conflict=eyeless vampires. Goal=retrieve Lucy who is kidnapped by the one and only human vampire. The first forty minutes have basically been vampire killing, knife-swooshing, gun-shooting, man-screaming, girl-chasing and investigating…etc etc. You get the idea. Things just happen one after another with no layers…and to be honest, I couldn’t sit still because the pace of the movie…wasn’t exactly slow, but it was moving flat with little fluctuations. The characters have little juice and are completely one-dimensional. The Priest…how did he become a priest anyway? Nothing was explained properly. The initial animation outlining the world of vampire and men was cheesy. Why vampires? Kind of ruined the whole thing. Could have made them demons or something…when I think of vampires I just can’t help thinking about Twilight and the recent explosion of vampire franchise. Yuck.

So this world…is a world of vampires vs men. For centuries, vampires are stronger and overpower the humans. I wonder how it’s possible that it took centuries for humans to figure out how to defeat them and finally manage to produce a team of vampire-slayers–the so called “Priests” to counter them. The Priests, are under the control of the Church…which is basically in control of the world (or waht’s left of it).

I like the concept of the post-apocalyptic world in which humans seek refuge through religion (which is pretty much…absolute domination or complete brainwash) To confess a sin means you go into this box and stare at a screen and tell it your mistakes. Who knows if a person is really standing there?

Anyway. That’s not the point. There is little life in this movie, although, like Legion, it has some classic, wonderfully written lines. They’re poetic, condensed and poignant with provocations. However…they’re not as abundant as in the movie Legion…so that’s probably why I didn’t enjoy this movie as much. And plus, there was no worthy characters at all. Sigh. The little romance between the sheriff and the girl (Lucy, Priest’s daughter) lacks juice, and the whole disbelief/rebellion thing is cliche. Bleh…the story, in short, is kind of crappy…but the whole concept of religious domination is fascinating, as well as the world construction. But the story completely butchered this idea…more human, more tears, more laughs and less killing. That’s my suggestion…but too late, since the movie is already made…

Well. Don’t want to spend too much time on this one. Since I’m not so hyped up for it. I still need to watch Sky Crawlers…I never got to it though I kind of planned to…



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