Matrix Reloaded + Matrix Revolutions

Directed by Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski

Produced by Joel Silver

Written by Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski

Music by Don Davis

I regret not writing this review right after I watch it–right now the impression is gradually fading with time. But anyway, let me give it a shot.

So in the second movie, Neo encounters “the maker”–the one who creates the matrix. His function is to “balance all equation”, while the Oracle’s job is to “unbalance it”. In a way they’re really like reason vs emotion. Anyway…the scene where Neo meets the creator of the Matrix…I had to pay so much attention to what was being said! The part about anomaly and equation and all those scientifically sounding stuff just messed up my head. And I was watching with subtitles because I knew how much I would miss if I hadn’t watched it with subtitles.

I remember the French dude talking about cause and reaction, but there is no purpose. In so many ways that Matrix is philosophical, and this is one of the reason that I fell in love with Matrix–the philosophies lodged in kung fu actions, computer programs and virtual realities. The Frenchman is such a fascinating character, although he’s a vengeful scoundrel. He swore something in French, and commented on his love for the French language–“it’s like wiping your ass with silk”. I’ve never learned French but it does have a poetic sound to it. All those sounds that slide and passes your tongue and your lips.

Okay, I’m getting off topic. I really love the twins, as well! One of them keeps trying to flirt with Trinity, and it’s quite funny that she just completely ignores him and does nothing. My favourite character is still Morpheus, hands-down, period.

Oh god, this post is so chaotic. Oh well.

Oh oh, let me just say-Hugo Weaving is a GENIUS. He can do magic with his voice. The characters he plays come alive with the way he speaks and talks. The way he chews on each syllable and pops it when he sees fit. I remember he is also the actor for V, in V for Vendetta. He’s amazing. I kinda had a tiny crush on Smith when he breaks free from the “system”.

ANYWAY. One of my friends mentioned to me that the acting is fairly dry in Matrix. I didn’t notice that in the first movie because I was so fascinated with the concept and everything. But I started paying attention to the acting when I watched the second and third movie. Yeah, the acting IS a bit dry…since Neo and Trinity have little facial expressions…but I think that’s just the way their characters are. Morpheus, on the other hand, seems more fully developed than the other two. And plus he’s just awesome. Hahaha. I also like his ex-girlfriend, Captian Niobe. The commander is kind of annoying…at times. But he’s just doing his job lah. He wants to defend Zion, just like the others.

It’s kind of heartbreaking that Trinity (okay, I wasn’t that sad when she died) and Neo died in the end. For some reason I really wanted Neo to live. To see him stand up again. Return to Zion as a hero. To be honest I was a little bit unsatisfied with his death. You know that feeling in your chest that something just isn’t right and things aren’t how they should end up? It’s this feeling inside of you that gnaws at you. I WANT NEO TO LIVE!!! Although it would have been okay if Morpheus died…it kind of suits him. Will make him a tragic hero. But Neo…he gets pulled out of the dream world, and is given the power and responsibility and weight to be “the One”, and he falls in love, and then he…dies saving Zion.

But he’s the One, I guess that’s his “function”.

Is it like what the Frenchman says, there is only cause and reaction? There is no purpose? Morpheus saves him and gets him out, he becomes the One, and he saves Zion…and he believes, and of course we believe it too, that it is out of his own intention that he shall save Zion–even to sacrifice himself. But that prophecy…it was all because of that prophecy wasn’t it? If Morpheus brought out someone else, would Zion’s fate be completely different?

And how did Neo end up to be the One anyway? From the beginning the eyes were just locked on him…I forgot if they ever mentioned what their rationale was…



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