I know, I know, I have sworn myself to you.

But you know how fast a human heart can change. I thought you, out of all people, should understand. You, being the child of trend and technology, should understand better than anyone the impermanence of things.

Don’t look at me like that. I’m sad to leave you, too. It’s not like I have a choice.

What’s that? I’m a traitor? Hold on a minute. I told you, I loved you with all of my heart. It’s just that–

Okay. No, I am not a treacherous, venomous, heartless–what did you say I was? 

Now where did you learn that kind of language?

Oh, so you have wifi, eh? You can connect to the internet! Well, so can the new version of you. The upgraded version, with a touch screen. It even has a web browser, so now I’m not only restricted to the online Kobo bookstore, I can even go onto Facebook. Beat that, you cheap piece of crap. 

Okay, you’re not cheap. The new kobo ereader cost the same as you. God, don’t cry. C’mon. I love you, okay? Look at me.

There. Don’t be sad, okay? I’ve found you a new owner. She’ll take good care of ya, I promise. You’ll be in good hands.

Don’t hate on me now, dearie. You know how I feel about hatred. Hatred is a one-way blade. You’ll only cut yourself with it.

No, I don’t think you can will me to death. I don’t think you’ll have access to voodoo dolls, either. Besides, I won’t let you touch my hair anyway.

What’s that? You’ll hire a hitter? Oh, please. Don’t be silly. Good-bye, now.

Yes, I love you, too! Mwah. Kisses and hugs.

And now, my dear Kobo Ereader Touch, where were we?

I have recently sold my old Kobo ereader…and acquired the new upgraded version. :D I’ve betrayed my baby (again, if you recall a post I wrote a while ago about me turning my back on paperbacks) and have taken a new lover…haha. The ereader touch is better than I’ve imagined–and I’ve waited so long for it. The thing was, I pre-ordered it because it was selling so well that it was out of stock nation-wide. You could imagine my frustration when I went to Chapters (which is Canada’s biggest chain bookstore) and failed to get my hands on one. Anyway. So I placed my order, and waited impatiently for its arrival for several weeks, and received no noficiations whatsoever. I called twice, but apparently the lovely ereaders were still out of stock…or so it seemed. As it turned out, Chapters made one lame attempt at calling me, and since nobody was home to answer the call on that day, they must be like, nah, to hell with it, we’ll just ignore our loyal customer and let her approach us when she remembers what she’s not receiving. I was furious when I made my third call and found out. I had to live through three whole weeks, tortured by my insatiable yearning, and it was there ALL THE TIME!

Anyway. I shall stop complaining. The point is, the ereader touch is my new baby now. It’s my one and only love. And the world is just that much better. <3


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