Busy busy busy + some writing contest information

Haven’t updated for a while! It seems like I’m not updating as often as I intend to. I was supposed to be blogging about my experiences as an intern at Ricepaper…

Well, I’m starting to do some copyediting work. To my slight surprise it does not really involve changing the writer’s work. It is only to maintain the “Ricepaper standard”—meaning to ensure that some words are spelled in a certain way and that the whole thing is punctuated correctly accordingly to the style guide. Copyediting is supposed to very minimal. So what happened when I submitted to Perspectives, then? But it was my fault, I guess. I missed the deadline and I rushed to finish the article—it was a features article, too. I should have been more careful with deadlines. I was battered with guilt afterwards…obviously it won’t happen again.

We all learn from our mistakes.

It seems that my perfectionism is seeping into all aspects of my life. I can’t stand making a mistake—I can’t stand me being inconsiderate, careless, or irresponsible. I certainly don’t intend to be that way. I don’t allow myself to. But there are times when it’s just my “natural pace” to do things gradually and in a chillaxed manner. Then I miss the deadline, or I miss the bus and I’m late for work. Speaking of which, I really hate being late…I’ve been late two times when I was heading to Ricepaper office lately. The first time was really unfortunate because I missed two C28 communal shuttle bus and wasted an entire hour. Why couldn’t they enlarge the bus or increase the shifts, or something? This happens ALL THE TIME. By the time C28 gets to David Avenue from Porty Moody it’s ALWAYS frigging full. Anyway…I’ve filed a complaint about it. I don’t think anything would change because I’m just once voice.

Anyways. I shall let those unpleasant experiences go. What was my original intention of making this post?

Here’s some literary events/upcoming competitions that I might attend…

Geist Erasure Poetry Contest 7/15


How it works:

1. Copy the pas­sage from Susanna Moodie’sRoughing It in the Bushposted below, into your word proces­sor. This is your Erasure Text.

2. Erase! The left­over words and let­ters will form your poem. (Do this any way you like.)

3. The only rule is do not change the order of words or let­ters. You can com­bine left­over words and let­ters how­ever you see fit, just as long as they appear in the same order as in the orig­i­nal text.

4. Shape the text how­ever you like. Or, leave it as is. Add punc­tu­a­tion and cap­i­tal­iza­tion if the spirit moves you.

5. Print your entry and send it to us. There is no word limit.

For a great exam­ple of an era­sure poem, see Readme Doc by Gregory Betts, pub­lished in Geist 77.

Dream Quest One Poetry Contest: 7/31


Hello and Welcome to Dream Quest One Poetry and Writing Contest! This poetry contest and writing contest is open to everyone and international.  We are excited about showcasing the creative writing and poetic talent, skill and ability of all poets and writers.  We hope that you have the inspiration to display the beauty and art of writing short stories and poems for the entire world to see your “gift of a dream.” 

Writing Contest entries may be written on a maximum of (5) pages, either neatly handwritten or typed, single or double line spacing, on any subject or theme.

  • Poetry Contest entries may be written on any subject or theme. All poems must be 30 lines or fewer and either neatly handwritten or typed, single or double line spacing.

Please read the “Official Rules” for more in-depth information.
*Contest deadline is July 31, 2011

The Mission of Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest is to inspire, motivate and encourage anyone who has the desire or love of poetry and writing, to continue doing so without the fear of failure or success! And remember, in whatever you do, “it’s okay to dream,” for dreams do come true.


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