Just a thought.

***this is originally posted as a Facebook note***

Accordingly to Facebook, I have 211 friends.

I didn’t know you could count them like that.

That doesn’t include the ones I deleted. Those were random strangers who added me using Friend Finder or some obscure search engine. Somehow they found me. Somehow they added me. Somehow they became my “friend” even though we’d never talked to each other. We’d never even seen each other in real life.

And I let them add me because…that little number totalling my popularity gave me a deranged satisfaction. My friend count increased by 5. Two more until I reached 100.

But eventually I reprimanded my own stupidity and got rid of the people I didn’t even know. If people wanted to, “become my friend”, at least we’d have to met once. You know, sort of talked, but not really. Maybe we’ll get together again. Maybe we won’t. The truth is, out of my 211 friends on Facebook, there’s about 5 people who I really understand, and there’s about 20 others who I hang out with, and the rest of them?

There’s a categorizing function that allows you to group your friends under different titles. You are granted the room to utilize your organizational skills.

I’ve never used that function. Because I didn’t want to try to figure out who is who, who are my associates or acquaintences or who are my true friends or who belong to what group. This delineation and clear-cut categorizations of friendship kind of disturb me. They do. I mean, those boundaries exist naturally in your interactions with people, and it’s strange when you record it. Catologue it. Document it. Systemize it. Why does technology keep wanting to organize our lives for us?

So the thing is, people like each other’s status or comment on a Youtube link and they like a comment that was underneath a Youtube link and some people who disagree with the comment physically type out “dislike”…

I don’t even remember who liked my status yesterday. Like who’s going to remember those things? I don’t remember half of the things I did on Facebook. It’s a diverse, distracting social universe that co-exists with my real life, with real interactions with my real friends and real face-to-face discussions about a lame music video, or something. The time I spent on Facebook leaves a void in my life and my memory.

It’s scary because…it’s taking over. At times I hold myself back because I refuse to be so involved, seeing the way it weakens and destroys the human bond, and also our capacities for expression. Does an apogloy posted on your Wall really count? Do people who like your status about the weather or profs or dogs or cats really care? Out of those people who liked your status, who do you actually talk to in person?

I try to stay away, but I can’t. Everyone’s here.

I mean, I use Facebook because it’s so easy to find people. It’s convenient. If you want to hang out you just tag people in a post. And plus, when you find a Youtube video that’s funny, you want other people to check it out, too. Share and spread the laughter.

But who’s going to remember? Who’s going to talk about it in real life, in real time?

I haven’t talked about it. Sometimes I do, when I tell my friends how I like a good parody or this particular music video…I talk about wall-spamming and link-sharing.

“I’m going to post it on your wall later. Be sure to check it out!”

Why am I living in illusions?

I think one of the abilities we have acquired with these social media is the ability to live in multiple worlds and universes. We are people that exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously. When we walk in the real world, we text…we’re talking to a friend, but not really. When we’re in class, our cellphones, wired with compulsory data plans, bombard us with meaningless social updates.

Well, my cellphone doesn’t have a dataplan, and that’s because I refuse to allow myself to have that accessbility. I know I’ll only fall deeper into this dark abyss of falsehood and incessant updating/commenting/satus-liking and whatever-ing. I waste enough time on a computer already. I don’t intend to do so on my cellphone, especially when it’s with me all the time.

I don’t know. Social medias aren’t a bad thing. It’s normalized through mass-usage. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not reproaching anyone for using it, nor am I criticizing. I’m a daily Facebok user. I blog. I text. I like peopple’s status to show my approval, support or “like”, or whatever. I comment. I upload photos. I comment on photos…

I don’t know. Why am I doing those things when nobody’s going to remember them?

Maybe I should tag some people so they’ll know I’m having this mild, pessimistic rant about social media and our world today.

Maybe not.

I seriously should be reading my Asian Studies…which is what I’m going to do. Yay horrible conclusions! As long as I address it, it’s acceptible.


One thought on “Just a thought.

  1. Just a stranger who wandered this way (via 8tracks), and wanted to say that I feel the same way about social media. I used to ignore facebook completely because it was full of updates from so-called friends that I didn’t really care to know. And then I told someone and she said, just unfriend them. So I did, and now it’s a bit better. I have an FB and a tumblr and a twitter account, and yes they’re time-consuming (soul-sucking?) but I think I also under-use them. Like you can go on twitter and talk to your favorite author or actor or something, but I never do that. I just lurk… Sometimes they lead me to interesting things, and sometimes I can go days before checking them.

    The difference, though is that I moved to a different country a few years ago, and I only talk to my friends through FB. It’s sad that there’s so little face-to-face interaction, but for me, it’s better than nothing.

    BTW, I skimmed a bit of your poetry. (I write a bit of my own.) I liked the one called “Lost Inspiration.”

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