kimtsan’s 8tracks Directory


The Grand List of Lists

1. Study Specific
2. Instrumental and Soundtracks
3. Epics 
4.  Vocals (Indie, Alternative, Classical) 
5. Pop and Mainstream Vocals
6. Techno, Downtempo, and Instrumental Rock
7. Anime and J-Pop
8. Alternative Rock 
9. Chinese Pop, and Others
10. Covers
11. Tribute/Narrative
12. Jazz HipHop
13. Oldies/Big Band
14. Workout
15. Steampunk

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10 thoughts on “kimtsan’s 8tracks Directory

  1. Hey kim,

    came across your mixes, and I absolutely love them!
    do you think maybe I could get the songs from you in a file?
    i really liked the anti-procrastination mix, specifically!
    i’m not sure how to get in touch with you ‘cus i can’t find your e-mail but, here’s mine:

  2. I was looking to my laptop screen for like half an hour, figuring out what to say to you. I just had to write you something. You have an amazing taste in music, but that’s not just it. I don’t know what it is but it is special. Maybe it’s the way you feel things around you, or the way you see them.
    I don’t want to know :) congratulations, you’ve made my exam seasons much more pleasant.

  3. Found your mixes, then found this page, and then I found your poetry and… If we lived on the same land-mass I’d track you down and marry you

  4. Kim,

    I’d just like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful and super-helpful study mixes. I didn’t discover them until last semester, but I wish I had before because they’ve made writing papers and studying so much easier. I just finished the last paper of my undergraduate career and I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without you!

    By the way, your poetry is beautiful. I wish I were half the writer you are. :)

  5. Do you have in mind how many lives have you saved with your playlists? HAHAHA your playlists are such good, especially the instrumentals and orchestral ones! I’m not a guy that is loving the perfect woman, i love her, as much as i can, i dont mind staying with her for the rest of my life, ’cause i know that she loves me, but, i can say that, the perfect girl for me is some girl like you! I can say everything you like to do, to eat, to drink, to have fun, only listening to your playlist! Someday i wish i could talk with you, the conversation could last for only seconds, but i would someday say to my sons, i talked with the perfect woman, a girl that a million of man dream with!

    Be yourself and continue with your good job!

  6. I have no idea if you’re still making playlists or not, but I just discovered your stuff on 8Tracks. I’m currently listening to Chapter One: The Chosen One and I’ve already listened to Chapter Seven. I’m loving these playlists so far!

    1. Thanks for visiting! I am still slowing making mixes, but I am not as active as before and my musical taste shifted a little bit haha. Some of the chapters from that epic journey series have disappeared because some tracks got lost from the 8tracks database overtime, and I just cannot remember which track I put in. So some of them ended up being unpublished. But yeah, I got some more epic mixes down the road so that should keep you occupied. :) Thanks again for visiting.

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