Review: Time Traveler’s Wife Part I

 Written by Audrey Niffenegger

I’m about halfway through Time Traveler’s Wife, and right now I’m barely getting through. After the initial 30%, the book slows down in pace and to be quite honest, I was kind of bored reading about Henry and Clare’s wedding. I felt like nothing was happening and I was just trying to get through to the ending. At first I was intrigued by Henry’s voice and his “future” endeavours with Clare “in the past.” That excitement gradually wore off as Clare finds Henry in the present. For some reason she isn’t as compelling and attractive as the older Henry was, the Henry that came to her when she was just a kid. At times, the dinner conversations they have with their friends or with each other are waaaaay too long, and I was just dying to finish the page and I want to know how the story ends. So I guess, it’s still a pretty successful story because there’s the drive, but honestly though, if I hadn’t watched the movie trailer and found out that they were having a daughter in the future, I probably wouldn’t continue the book…okay, I probably will, because I don’t usually abandon books or movies, no matter how awful they are (Twilight had been an exception. I couldn’t STAND it after the first few pages.)

It’s not that I’m saying it’s a horrible book. It’s not. I’m just intermittently bored by it, that’s all. I still want to get to the end.

Will write a fuller review after I’m done reading. Next book, I’m going to reread Peter Pan. :D And then maybe The Vampire Lestat. Either that or something by Gregory MaGuire. I also want to reread To Kill a Mockingbird…I read it in high school but  I think I was too young to take it seriously. Anyway.


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