The Song in Your Heart

Before your consciousness thoughts occur, before your brain starts processing anything, you’ll notice that there’s a song playing in the back of your mind on a loop. It absorbs you and it perpetuates itself with your humming. And then all of a sudden you realize that there’s this song stuck in your head while you’re brushing your teeth…

This happens to me a lot. It’s amazing, really. I have no idea how my mind conjures up music before I’m awake. How does it select what song to play? My internal, subconscious DJ puzzles me. There was this one time I woke up with “Mad World” playing over and over in my head and I couldn’t get it out of my system. I hadn’t heard that song for a long time but for some reason it resurfaced. I forgot if it actually made some miraculous or synchronous connections with my life at that time, but it’s quite wondrous anyway.

I started noticing this after reading a spiritual book called “The Book of Secrets” by  Deepak Chopra–which happens to be a wonderful book, by the way. I strongly recommend it. He’s quiet a poet and his book contains some of the most beautiful things I’ve read. Very inspiring, too.

Anyway–he quoted another spiritual leader (whose name I forgot) and said that each of us wake up with a song in our heart in the morning. Maybe there isn’t much to it, but waking up with music each days signifies something profound and magical–that each of us is capable of being creative and spontaneous. We are capable of waking up with a song in our heart, then we must be capable of poetry, of innovations, of a romantic view of the world unbound by what we perceive as the drudgery in our reality. I think it seeks to remind us of our potential and our true aptitudes of “being”. It’s telling us:

Wake up with music in your heart. Wake up seeing your loved one’s faces. Wake up smiling and singing and dancing a little. Cherish the things around you. Live life to the fullest.

Be free.


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