Science or Magic

My brother doesn’t believe in my spiritual experiences. He believes that God is made out of particles behaving in ways that we cannot imagine–which is perfectly possible, because I believe all spiritual experiences can be observed by science, and the strict division between “science” and “spirituality” is invalid–they’re not two different things, they are two different perspectives.

Like love, you can say love is just a series of chemical reactions within your body, or you can say love is destiny, love is poetry, love is something that encompasses us and there’s something spiritual and magical about love. But I think those chemical reactions are love observed through science. Those chemical reactions are one and the same with poetry, with destiny, and it is something that encompasses (biologically, emotionally, mentally, psychically…) I mean, it’s the chicken or the egg question all over again. Did the chemical reactions cause those romantic feelings of love or did love on a spiritual level cause those chemical to react within one’s body? Or can’t it be both occurring simultaneously at the same time and they’re just different perspectives of love?

Well, I was sharing my spiritual experiences with my mother–about the things I hear and sense when I am meditating. My brother, who happens to be beside me, eagerly tries to refute me with his theory about the power of suggestion, wishful thinking and pretty much disbelieving me altogether. Well, you can disbelieve me, but you don’t have to hurt my feelings. “I think all spirituality is just BS, unless I really feel it to be real.”

A true spiritual master will just laugh it off, perhaps, and be completely unaffected. But I’m not a spiritual master so I left, wordless, hurt. I’m trying really hard to forgive, but sometimes my brother is such a porcupine when he thinks he’s right, and when he’s backed up with science. What makes me hurt the most is that he can’t seem to understand anything else in the world through anything else other than science or concrete evidence. His brain is meticulously mechanical and sometimes it’s hard to get through to him. Why do we separate science with magic? Why must science be right all the time? I’m not saying it’s not, but many things don’t have a right-or-wrong answer, and why can’t there be multiple things that are right at the same time? Why can’t we all be right and be chill about it? Why do we have to fight all the time, and so eager are we to prove each other wrong. And we don’t want to be proved wrong. I felt this wall building up inside of me when he tried to disprove what I went through. Of course he has no idea of knowing, and I tried to reason with him, and outcame that “BS” word that practically punched me in the face. But there’s really no point in arguing about these things; you can say nothing about someone’s fundamental beliefs. It’s not that I can win an argument with him anyway. So I walked away.

Anyway. That was me mini rant…


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