A series of random subjects in which I question humanity.

One thing that we are exceedingly capable of doing as human beings: enslavement of others and of self. What is slavery? When did it start? The Romans were certainly modest about it (on a completely random note I confess to being a fan of Starz’s TV series Spartacus); the classical societies sought no secrecy in these matters as physical or sexual exploitation, the impediment of another’s freedom. Our history is littered with such filth and indecency.

I’m not fluent with history but I know for a fact that slavery still exists today. The only difference is that now we are far too civilized for anything to look wrong. For some reason we are incapable of admitting our wrongs, since we have no intention of healing. It’s all about gain, isn’t it? Violence. Money. Sex. Politics. War. Words uttered too many times to hold meaning. They are as abundant as they are inane. If human race is truly striving for the better, why isn’t the world getting any better?

Where are our new inventions and new technologies? At least, the ones that are commonly known: smart phones? Ultrabooks? Tablets? More screens to spellbound us to waste our time away? Do we really need a device that offers more gigabites, higher graphic resolutions, or a shinier shell? What do we use our phones for? What do we use our laptops for?

How come nobody invented automated machines to replace factory work? Who wants to do factory work? Hasn’t technology been a matter of convenience? Of neutralizing the inconvenience into convenience?

Why do we mass produce only to bury our wastes into the wombs of our mother earth?

Why do we kill each other? What for?

Why is there racism? Classism? Sexism? Why do we seek to alienate ourselves from each other? Why do we fill ourselves with prejudice, resentment, anger? Why do we unleash those feelings unto others? Why do we manifest them into violence, harm, and hurt? What have we to gain? Money? Power? Fame? And then what? What do we do?

Why do we corrupt ourselves not knowing what we’re doing to ourselves?

Why do we enslave ourselves by hindering others? How is it that we are unable to see that? 

Why are we always busy? Why do we always feel alone?

This can’t be it. This is not what we’re supposed to be. Aren’t we capable of so much more? Of so much more good?

Why are the simplest thing in the world so hard?

Why can’t we understand–why can’t we see?

Who are we people?

Do we dare to answer that?

7 thoughts on “A series of random subjects in which I question humanity.

  1. We are all those things because we’ve taken our eye off of what is really important God and replaced it with a cheap imitation of man’s making.

  2. Dude’r! Loved the muisc. And astonished by the philosophy, Kudos. I agree with all of this and ask my self a series of questions along these lines every day. Keep the questions flowing and never stop lookin for some kind of answer too ;) Even if it’s a tedious task with little in return. Keep up everything you’re doing.

      1. Yes, i think we all do at sometime ;) … however most give up because of that feeling. Don’t become one of them hahaha! ;D Because although you don’t know the answers, you may help find a way to the solution directly or maybe through someone else whom you’ve inspired with your questions ;) … well thats what i tell my self so i don’t lose faith haha!

        BTW – Did you have only one Cello mix? because i’d love to hear more if you had some. You got me hooked onto the cello with that mix.

      2. Sometimes I do know the answers, but the answers seem so impossible and I just feel like I don’t know anything anymore. Anyway. Thanks. :)

        Oh yes–I have three cello mixes in total. I actually have a directory of all of my music mixes on 8tracks in this blog. :P You can scroll to the top and find it in that grey box. It’s should be under instrumental and then strings, I believe.

      3. HAHA yeah, I’ve had answers but how do u get other people to know them too!

        Yes beautiful mixes, thank you for spending the time to put all this together. Very well organized.

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