Conscience, war, death, and all that jazz.

What I want out of this world is simple: first of all, I want everyone to listen to their conscience. Wouldn’t the world be so much better if we all felt something about genocide, mass-exploitation and destruction? Excuse the cynicism–but sometimes I just feel that the majority of us don’t have the power to really change anything. As arrogant and maybe ignorant as this may sound, I blame the rich and the powerful. They should really watch Spiderman and learn their lesson: with great power comes great responsibility. Their voice can be so easily heard with the disgusting amount of resource they have, but what do they care about? Profit and gain. There is no democracy. Capitalism is a system of world-ruining bullshit. It’s all about money.

If only. The truth is I don’t know much about this world. I don’t know much about history, politics, economics, or the global dynamics. I don’t claim to be an expert in all of those fields. I’m just one person reacting to the messed up place. Or am I really reacting? I’m not doing anything, really, other than producing this indignant rant. I’m not part of any activist group nor do I have a noble cause that I’m fighting for. I’m just a person in her last year of university, trying to get through school and get a co-op term and trying to figure out her life–I’m just a person with thoughts.

I don’t really know why we live like this. Sometimes I read the news on Pulse (an amazing app, by the way), and I see what’s going on in this world and I really have no words for it. Well, except, maybe, I would say that this world is, for lack of a better term, fucked up. It is, isn’t it? What a delicate bubble world we live in.

Anyway. Come to think of it, we are actually still a very very primitive race. We haven’t advanced much, since we obviously haven’t learned anything from our past. We’re still killing each other, no? And we invent a shitload of excuses for it. War? All of a sudden you’re a hero for genocide as long as you did this for your country? How do you justify in participating in such violence? For the good of the country? To defend? What are we defending? Is it worthy enough a cause for moral corruption? For slaughter?

But what are we supposed to do? Just sit there and let our enemies kill us? I don’t have the answer to that. I was thinking of the world wars, of course, with all these questions.

Maybe what it comes down to is the fear of death. Is death really that bad? Death is just a part of life. Why do we hate death so much? On the contrary, I think a life without death is truly horrifying. Can you imagine immortality? If we can’t die? If we don’t die emotionally, mentally and morally first, we’ll most likely overpopulate ourselves to extinction.

The cells in our body know when to die. They die so our body as a whole can function and survive. In a way, its death is for the greater good and for the the rhythms of life to continue drumming. I once read a very good chapter about death: Deepak Chopra’s book “The Book of Secrets”. It’s a very inspiring read and I strongly recommend it to anyone with questions similar to the ones that I have.

Anyway…sorry to cut off short like this, but I must attend to my material needs and thus I commence to the fridge to find sustenance.


Hands-down the best expression for an empty stomach, ever.