The Galactic Pufferfish and the River of Eternity

After the shipwreck near Saturn’s Belt, I assumed a parasitic existence on a galactic pufferfish, whose named appeared to be Blu’sque Diophantanorium, as it took its sweet time to inform me of it with its abusive telepathic voice. Its epileptic and shambolic consciousness resonated in my brain; I felt my thoughts turn into stone under the strength of its enormously fragmented mind. I received its cognitive chaos in silence with neither the ability nor the mental capacity to refuse.

What choice did I have when stranded in space? My suit ran out of oxygen an hour ago, and I plastered myself against Blu’sque’s skin, in-between its colossal spikes that could be poisonous, and breathed from its ventilating pores. Poison–I was too tired to consider such things, too close to death. I didn’t know if I was lucky, or unlucky, to have survived.

My insignificant existence now depended on a space-pufferfish’s mysterious respiratory system, its magnificent bio-mechanism in recycling stardust and cosmic waste into a meager atmosphere that kept me alive.

He asked for my name.

“Kim,” I gave it before I could open my mouth. He extracted it from my mind as soon as it surfaced.

I felt like something was stolen from me. I awaited its remark, half expecting him to ridicule the lack of complex syllables–in contrast to his own name. Something seemed to have captured the creature’s attention, however. The weight and buzzing in my mind ceased and softened. I looked about me, and saw a shining river with no end, extending beyond sight, beyond the stars in the distance.

He followed it with excitement, trembling with inexplicable delight.

“What is it?” I mindspoke to him, baffled by the colours, the light, the beauty.

Forever, came its slow, encompassing reply.

“What is forever?”

Now, it replied gently. Forever is now.

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