Who am “I”?

An exercise I did in my feminist studies/English class. The question was: how do I define myself? Who am “I”? What is this “I”?

The term “I” speaks of the presence of an identity, or the existence of an “ego”. I prefer to regard myself as “I am”, a state of being rather than a collection of ideas that comprise an identity. The simple “I” requires the presence of an identity, a stance, an opinion upheld, a point of view. What is my point of view, then? How do I identify myself? How do I distinguish myself from others? To answer this question will inevitably result in labelling. What do I label myself with? I don’t know if I am a feminist, though I love the study of feminism and gender. Feminism deconstructs the world we see around us. To me, it is a field of study that seeks answers and understanding–and perhaps that is why feminism intrigues me so. Essentially I also seek awareness and understanding in life, not just in regard to gender. In that sense I am not really just “I” but “I am”, since it seems to be an attitude that represents me, rather than just categories of thought. The attitude of seeking, searching for an answer, the urge to unwind the complex tapestry of this world.