We’re all responsible for this world.

I’d like to revisit my previous claim about the condition of this world:

As arrogant and maybe ignorant as this may sound, I blame the rich and the powerful. They should really watch Spiderman and learn their lesson: with great power comes great responsibility. Their voice can be so easily heard with the disgusting amount of resource they have, but what do they care about? Profit and gain. There is no democracy. Capitalism is a system of world-ruining bullshit. It’s all about money.

I take it back. I don’t blame the rich and the powerful. I don’t blame them for perpetuating the system of exploitation in which wealth equates to power. Are they more obliged to “save humanity” simply because they have more resources? Well, they certainly have more means to do it than the common folks, but the truth is…we are all equally responsible for the world we live in. It doesn’t matter if we’re poor, or middle-class, or raced, or gendered, or whatever type of people we are–we are all equally responsible for our world. If “the rich and the powerful” abuses our society with their greed (note: a generalized and stereotypical statement) and not doing anything to make things better, what are the rest of us doing? Perhaps it’s wishful thinking to just conclude that we don’t have the money, we’re too busy, we’re too powerless to do anything. That’s not true, is it not? Are we not letting the system abuse us? Capitalism or racism or classism or sexism or whatever ism’s that dominates our lives and attitudes towards our lives. Are we not consenting to this system of abuse by doing nothing? 

We’re all equally powerful in that regard. We all have the power to take action. We are each entitled with a voice, with a will, and with the power to induce change.

But we’re too blind and caught up in our own lives, aren’t we all? It doesn’t matter who we are. We’re ignoring this world as much as we are living in it. Sounds funny, I know. But who can really say that he or she really does know what’s going on with this place we call home? In fact, we know what’s being done to it. We know there’s global warming, there’s economical crisis, there are blood and violence in this society–there are places like hell, places of torture, places of war, places with not a pinch of humanity left. We all know this, do we not? We just choose not to see it. We’re willfully ignorant. We readily dissociate ourselves with the terrible things in this world, unless, of course, something terrible happens to us–now we can relate. That’s how ignorant we all are, and how lazy, how cruel we are all being–to consent to this way of living! Why do we allow war? There is no justification for war. None. Why do we allow killing? Or harm?

Why are we damaging ourselves like this? Why can’t we realize that we are just hurting ourselves?

Do we care about this planet? Of course we do. But we are trapped in the eddies and whirlpools and the currents of our lives, we can’t help but being pulled towards the gravity, the very structures of society that governs us all.

We’re choosing to be blind. We are choosing this way of life by continuing to live it. 

There’s no excuse for anyone.

Imagine, if all of us, all of us, decide to change for the better? Won’t we just change for the better?

Why don’t we?

Honestly, I don’t know.

Actually, I do.

But because I do, I don’t.

This is madness that we all live in. We exist, clinging to our meager individuality, accessorizing accordingly to appear special, unique, one of a kind. But in the end we’re all the same, are we not? We’re just people who are blindly chasing our egos, something intangible and meaningless. What’s the point of being rich if one is dead on the inside?

We’re all perpetrators.

We are.