Bending God: Part I

So I’m reading “Bending God: A Memoir” by Eric Robison.

1. To be honest the narrative/autobiographical portion of the book isn’t all that interesting. I find my self reading one “Hey what’s up, man? Hey What’s up?” scene after another. It’s a little bit unnecessarily detailed and unengaging, because you get lost in the narrator’s meticulously recorded stream of consciousness. His narrative centres around his internal dialogue with himself, the “Counsel” (the inner voice in his head), his conversations with Eric Pepin and others, and just going from one place to another. It’s not really fun to read as a “story”, if you know what I mean. I grew bored reading about him eating his soggy cereal or driving to somewhere or just two pages of conversations that have nothing to do with the story. Well, I do appreciate that it’s an authentic account with little embellishment, because I suppose the way he writes and presents the story of his life is how we will perceive what happens in our lives. It’s linear and it has a lot to do with our internal actions and reactions to the people around us. However, like I said, it’s just not really fun to read. I think there needs to be fictionalization to some degree, not in terms of making up details, but in terms of structure. Most of the time I’m just skipping through and jumping to the part when Eric Pepin is talking.

2. Some of the key ideas that I’ve come across so far:

  • micro/macro energy bodies, our connections with the universe
  • the idea of a earth having a “planetary soul”
  • ghost hauntings and sightings produced by electrical currents
  • different levels of entities
  • aura/energy body vs physical body
  • how the universe was created and how it all came to be (which was not revealed but only briefly paraphrased in the book! If this is a commercial scheme I’ve fallen for it. I bought Eric Pepin’s book on Kobo. It’s only $3 ish so it’s not that big of a deal. But I was a bit bombed about it.

3. I still need to finish the book. I will write another note when I finish.