Bending God: Part II

So I finished Bending God by Eric Robison. As a memoir it really wasn’t that interesting. At times I feel I was reading too much into it; a lot of the “foreshadowing” turned out to be just something that happened. All in all it’s a super straightforward account about his spiritual endeavours with Eric Pepin and his relationships with Kathy and his brother. I don’t really have much to say about it, other than I really enjoyed reading his conversation with Eric Pepin, but the rest, I felt, slipped away as  failed to take hold. I was so trapped by his internal monologue; it was like I was swimming inside his head with nothing tangible and interesting to hold onto. Well, the truth is, I skipped most of his personal accounts because it was so boring. I’m kind of sorry to say this because his memoir does have some rich and insightful material (aka the words of Eric Pepin) but it’s kind of watered down by his eternal stream of consciousness.

Anyway. I feel like I need to take a break from reading spiritual texts or spiritual related stuff. After you continuously accumulate knowledge and insights, you need to take some time off to digest everything. This kind of thing requires “thoughtful” thought (and I call myself an English major) and not just passive consumption.