Searching for Humanity: Part One

I think I am beginning to understand the reason why I am so intrigued by feminist, indigenous, and racial literature/issues. Why am I interested in patriarchy, gender discrimination and homosexuality? Why am I interested in the Native People of North America, their abuse, their pain, their spiritual beliefs? Why am I feel so strongly towards sexism, racism, elitism–all the ism’s that pertains to some kind of injustice, despotism, violence, betrayal, lies, ill sense of superiority, and struggle for freedom and equality?

I finally get it now! The truth is these issues aren’t separate issues at all. There is no “us” or “them”. There’s is no feminist issue or indigenous issue or racial issue. It’s not just about the women, the Aboriginals, the minorities. These groups have one thing in common, and in fact are made one by this automatic commonality:

Humanity. They are all humans. We are all humans. Separation is an illusion, embedded even within the struggles and efforts to achieve unity!

A question comes to mind: why are their struggles so difficult? Why is it so hard fighting for something right to happen? I believe we can all agree that each and every one of us deserves the freedom and opportunity to thrive, and it is unfair to be born hindered of that freedom and opportunity. Hell, why is it so hard to do the right thing? What’s stopping us?

I believe that we’ve all got a conscience. But our conscience is rigged because we are all very good at overlooking certain things.

And I tentatively think that we are so good at burying our conscience because there is too much profit involved.

The majority of us are willing to perpetuate the way our world presently functions to enjoy materialism. We sell our souls for a bag of coins. And quoting from a steampunk song I’ve recently grown to like: “The value of the human soul’s a dollar earned in hell.” We never know how much we’ve lost until we’ve lost it all.

Perhaps I’m being abstract and vague here, but I think I speak the undeniable truth. Sometimes I think that if our planet Earth had a conscious, a soul, a mind–that it actually were a being–when it examined the conditions of its own body, the multitude of corrupted cells, the incurable cancer race that is humanity–I imagine its reactions–and I apologize for swearing but I can think of no other way to express its sentiments–

It must be like: “Fuck it. Just fuck it all.”

Hence there are no more miracles.