Is there another way to live?

Is there another way to live? Outside of the system?

Must we climb the social ladder, attain financial security, continue to advance until we’re structurally positioned at a higher place?

Sometimes I am baffled, and I just feel so numb…and I don’t know what to do, or what to think. I mean, isn’t there a better way to live? An alternative way? I don’t need a life of luxury, I don’t need a life of fame, reputation, riches, or a starlit career. I just want a decent enough life where I get to be myself, and free.

Am I being overly idealistic? Unrealistic? Picky? Stubborn? I don’t know. Maybe I am.

Am I the only one who feel this way?

I want to create something of my own, rather than chase after a job, a title, or a better life. But it’s easier said than done. To survive in this society, you need money. I guess it all comes down to that.

Why does it always come down to that?

Why do we continue to live this life? Consent to this life? Don’t we want more than this? Don’t we deserve more than this? Why money? Why is it the only currency that will allow us to exist in this world? Why do we think it’s normal, and okay, for ourselves to exist on the basis of coin, allow ourselves to be valued in terms of numbers?

Is everything about numbers? Isn’t there a better way to live?

I want to find it, but it’s much harder than the traditional–“get a job, and work your way up” kind of path–isn’t it?

Do you need to be a genius to create something of your own and profit from it?

Why does it always come down to money!? 

God. We can’t do this, we can’t do that, because how do we do what we want to do, if we don’t have enough money first?

I guess we all need to do what’s necessary. We surrender to the system, whether it be a conscious choice, or we’re just caught up in the current.

Or do we?