What are you going to do next?

What am I going to do next?

I want to be a wanderer, be semi-homeless and make my way through this ever-changing world without leaving footprints–the only impression I shall create is within my identity, my understanding of the world. I want to be a ghost of the present and not think about the future. I want to experience everything in silence, without making a statement, without raising my voice. I want to be free of society; I want to be a hermit. I want to be a daydreamer and drug myself with small, quiet miracles. I want to be a child again. I want to be a hug-addict and hug everyone I see. I want to be a rock, unmoving and slowly returning myself to nature. I want to be in a magical army of love in which wrongs and sufferings can be undone with a smile and a whisper. I want to be everything I have ever wished for. I want to live in a world devoid of structures, judgement and money; I want to live in paradise; I want a reality I can shape just by dreaming. I want to be nothing but myself. 

Now you’re going to say it’s time to open my eyes and wake up. 

Just give me a moment.